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Great time and thought have gone into the design of our cabinets. Just as your knives are one of a kind, hand made pieces of art, so are our displays. 

   Dorris Wood Creations is a family-run operation. I have been a furniture and cabinet maker building custom designs for the last 20 years. After having back surgery I have needed to stay away from large, heavy  furniture pieces like armoires, entertainment centers and kitchen/bath cabinets. As a result I have specialized in smaller display cabinets and storage/presentation boxes. I am very fortunate to be able to be creative and express myself doing what I love to do... working with wood and hand tools. Many changes, through trial and error, over time have brought forth the various styles/models we offer today. We  have custom Dorris Displays  in most of the states here in America, and a few countries outside the U.S.A. as well (Australia, Italy, Spain, Germany, the U.K., and Hong Kong). A sincere thank you to all who have ordered custom pieces. It really is greatly appreciated.

   Quite often the little ones are busy working on their "own projects" in the shop, but the whole family gets involved to some degree from designing new models, participating in mundane chores, to cleaning up the wood scraps and sweeping the floor. The kids love to help, and I love having them with me. Everyone enjoys having a part to play, making it fun and enjoyable for the whole family.

"Our goal is simple... to build you a custom, one of a kind display cabinet that you will be happy with for many years to come."
~the Dorris family



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