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~Interior Cabinet Lighting
   We have searched diligently for interior lights that will allow you to light up your collection providing that "extra something" to your display. We are pleased to announce that we now have both electric, and battery powered lights to offer.
   The electric fixtures are fluorescent, quite bright, and do have a cord exiting the back of the cabinet. We use these mainly on the floor models as the cord is well hidden behind the piece, but you can still order one on a wall hanging model if you don't mind seeing the cord hanging down. These lights are brighter than the battery LED lights and will allow you to light up your collection during the day with room lights on without any problems. The cabinets will need to be at least 16"-17" wide to accommodate a fluorescent light fixture. 
   The battery powered fixture is an LED light and works best in low light situations. The light does not show up well in a brightly lit room during daylight hours, but in the evening or at night, they are extrodinary! The LED light has a blue tint or hue to it, and gives off just enough light to show off your collection. These lights are not extremely bright, but low accent lights. The light reflects off the blades, guards, butt caps, etc. and looks positively beautiful in a dimmly lit room. We use ours in the evening and at night when the room lights are dimmed. You will not believe how incredible your collection can look until you see it in a Dorris Display with the light shining down softly on your knives.
   Fluorescent Cost: $37.75 ea.
   Battery LED Cost: $16.29 ea.





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