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     Our Floor Model Displays our hand crafted with the same quality craftsmanship as any of our other models. As with any Dorris Display Cabinet, you get the Danish oil finish which is wet sanded between each coat. This process is more time consuming than a spray on "production" type finish, but we prefer to stay with the old fashioned, hand rubbed procedure because it produces a glass smooth surface with all the magnificence you would expect to find on a high quality, hand crafted piece.

   The Floor Model Design is a free standing piece of furniture for those of you wanting a larger display, or a look different from the wall hanging cabinets.

   If needed to be built in 3 separate pieces, each piece is attached (with threaded inserts) to the one below it for stability and safety reasons. The top cabinet could also be drilled (on the inside walls or the under side of the top) to allow you to fasten to the wall with screws if so desired to prevent it from tipping (just specify when ordering). These pieces will come apart and ship in separate boxes to help keep shipping costs down. Typically, the lower cabinet has 3 shelves (plus the inside bottom) behind the solid panel door providing storage for sheaths, knife boxes, etc. that you would otherwise store in a drawer or closet. This is a good way to keep things together.

The standard Floor Model designs are as follows:

  • Single Door Model
  • Double Door model (additional cost based on size and design)
  • A mid section with drawers also available (additional cost based on size and design)

Keyed locks available for those of you wishing to prevent others from opening the doors and touching your collection. When ordering keyed eyed locks, both the upper and lower cabinets will be keyed the same for your convenience.

  • keyed locks come complete with 2 keys. These locks would be keyed the same to allow you to carry just one key for opening both the top and bottom doors.

Each style can be customized to suit your collection, or your specific needs. 


Single Door Floor Model Display Cabinet


  The free standing floor model cabinets can be custom sized like the wall hanging cabinets so your collection fits within the viewable area through the glass. This particular piece stands approx. 5' 4 3/4" tall x 16" wide. The Upper cabinet measures 30" tall x 16" wide x 4" deep (outside). The lower cabinet measures 30" tall x 16" wide x 6" deep. The base measures 20" wide x 9" deep x 4 3/4" tall.

     The upper cabinet holds 10 knives, shown with the optional fluorescent light installed on the inside top to shine down onto your collection creating a great look reflecting off the knives. The lower cabinet has 4 shelves (3 in addition to the bottom) providing storage for your knife boxes and sheaths, or whatever you would like to keep behind the door so the items are not seen. The center door panel on the lower cabinet is constructed from solid wood (separate pieces glued up to form the solid panel).

  The bases can be designed differently. This base has a scalloped design on the front and arches cut on each side. The base edge is also routed with the same profile to match the design on the door rails. By using the same edge profile on each section, continuity is created and carried throughout the entire piece for a very pleasing look to the eye overall.

     The light comes with a 6' cord reaching along the back to the bottom of the cabinet. Clips have been installed on the back of the cabinet allowing you to hold the cord in place once set up in your home or office. This will hide the cord and prevent it from "wandering" out from behind the cabinet and becoming visible against the wall. The cord, being  6' long, does allow the plug to reach the bottom, but in most cases will not take it to a wall outlet (unless you place the cabinet directly in front of one). This has been compensated for in the well -thought-out design...the 4 3/4" base has no back on it, allowing you to tuck the extension cord, you will most likely need, in the empty space under the base to hide it from being seen as well (pulling out just the amount of cord needed to reach the outlet).

     Depending on your location, this cabinet is likely too large to ship assembled with "reasonable" prices, so is designed to ship in 3 separate boxes (or in 3 pcs.) if needed. The separate pieces may all fit inside one larger box once disassembled, but again depends on your location. We will ship in whichever manner is least expensive to keep your costs down.

   The individual pieces (separate cabinets) assemble using threaded inserts that are installed when constructing your display. The threaded inserts allow you to use the screws and finishing washers provided for quick and easy assembly. In addition to the ease of assembly, the threaded inserts add strength, and ensure that the holes will not become stripped out (example: if you take the unit apart and re-assemble to move).

base price before options: $1979.67
(choice of wood will change price)

Cabinet in above photo has the following options added...

  • electric interior light
  • upper cabinet keyed lock
  • lower cabinet keyed lock
  • hand painted moose door pull (upper cabinet)

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