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Tabletop Display Cases
   Our Tabletop Display cases and Carving Set Boxes are handcrafted with the same quailty as any of our other models/styles. As with any Dorris Display Cabinet, you get the Danish oil finish which is wet sanded between each of the hand rubbed coats applied. After the oil is completely dry a few coats of wax is applied and buffed by hand. The wax provides some protection to your custom piece. This process, all done by hand, is more time consuming than a spray on "production" type finish. However we prefer to stay with the old fashioned hand rubbed procedure beacuse it produces a glass smooth surface with all the magnificence you would expect to find on a hand made piece. Below are models of varoius designs. Of course each style can be customized to suit your collection, or your specific needs.
  Tabletop Displays are designed to lie flat on their backs with adoor opening upward that allows acces to your collection. These displays are particularly nice for things like trade shows so the dealer can display knives, sheaths, anything else in clear view for visitors and still keep everything locked up until needed. Available with or without handles/pulls, your choice. Keyed locks available for those of you using this model to display inventory at trade shows, or just to prevent others from opening the case and touching your collection without you knowing about it.
This style of display is also nice for desk or tabletops in your home or office, and will work nicely for a variety of collections... arrowheads, antique heirlooms, fishing lures, etc. One of the nicest features regarding this style is that you can arrange your collection in any configuration you choose, and move things around from time to time to create a whole new look with the same items. As you add new pieces, you can change the layout without being concerned, or confined, to the knife "rests" mounted in a specific location.
  • Your choice of wood and velvet color.
  • Available in various sizes to suit your needs (custom built to your specs.).

Carving Set Presentation/Storage Boxes
Presentation/Storage boxes are available for your carving set, to keep them safe during storage, and to "wrap" them in something special for gifting to a loved one. Many styles are available, and more photos will be added as time permits to show examples of variations in wood and designs.









*Also available with removable lid

Carving Set Presentation/Storage Box

This box was custom made for the Randall 3 pc carving set. This particular box was made from solid leopardwood (extra charge) with some amazing figure, and with dark blue felt lining the bottom. The set rests on two removable pieces, also made from solid leopardwood, having notches custom cut and chiseled for each piece to fit into. These areas are also lined with matching felt to provide a soft surface for the set to rest on. The ends of the rests are covered with matching felt to allow them to fit snugly inside the box, and to provide a scratch free surface when sliding and adjusting their spacing for a custom fit to your set (as well as when removing for cleaning).

This box measures approx 17 1/2" long x 8 1/2" wide x 3" deep (lower section). The overall height is approx 3 3/4" including the lid.

Price for standard stocked woods (walnut, oak, cherry, maple, mahognay):

*note: Price for exotic Leopardwood: $3276.82

Bose Carved Tabletop Display

Deluxe Top Tabletop Display Case
This tabletop display case is made from oak, stained a "medium" color with the hand rubbed Danish oil finish. This particular case measures 16" x 14", has a keyed lock to prevent others from touching your collection, a prop rod for easy loading/unloading of your knives, and of course has the Bose name custom carved into the deluxe style top rail. I have personally spoken with Tony Bose regarding the use of his name on display cases/cabinets, and he has graceously given us permission to use it.

~ This is a small tabletop case, custom sizes available to suit your needs.
~ the lining used in this one is a tan colored felt, not velvet like in most of our displays...reason being, tan was the desired color but not available to us in velvet.
Price: $498.99

Shown with optional...
+ Custom engraving
+ Keyed lock




Clicking this photo above will take you to the "Painted Knobs" page to view the various scenes available.
Small Tabletop model
  • Shown with Dark red velvet (other colors available)
  • Prop rod made of walnut to hold the top open when loading and unloading knives.
  • Shown with Hand Painted knob-squirrel (optional)
  • 20" x 17"

$479.99  (+ options if any added)



 Large Tabletop model
  • Burgundy velvet shown (other colors available)
  • Also available with felt bottom (assorted colors) which may be best if repeatedly touching the surface.
  • Keyed lock shown (optional)
  • 34" x 22"

Note: Felt is also available and can be a good idea for cases/boxes with knives sitting directly on the back. Often we reach into the case to pick an itme up and our fingers will not only consistently touch the material, but also "rub" in in the same place over and over. Velvet is a high quality material and has a unique "rich" look for a background. It will sometimes show rub marks and gets a shiny spot on it if rubbed with your fingers though. Felt is a nice option and solution to the rub marks. Your choice of material used on back, no additional charge for using felt (also avail in various colors) over the velvet.

Price: $678.99

(+ optional keyed lock if needed/desired)


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