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     Our Shelf Displays/Heirloom Cabinets are hand crafted with the same quailty as any of our Knife Displays. As with any Dorris Display, you get the Danish oil finish which is wet sanded between each of the 3 hand rubbed coats. This process is more time consuming than a spray on "production" type finish, but we prefer to stay with the old fashioned, hand rubbed procedure because it produces a glass smooth surface with all the magnificence you expect to find on a high quality piece. Below are models of varoius designs. Each style can be customized to suit your collection, and your specific needs. Shelf spacing is customizable or can be built with adjustable shelves (as shown on the cherry cabinets below) to arrange items differently as your collection grows.

   All Display Cabinets come with double strength glass in the doors for a thicker, more stable panel. Your choice of wood... Cherry, Oak, Maple, Mahogany, or Walnut. Contact us if you would like a wood type not mentioned, we will check on the availabilty of that particular species for you.

   These Display Cabinets have shelves for whatever you desire to display. Shelves can be made so they are adjustable to allow you to customize the distance between them. Door pulls can be made from antler or custom door pulls are available as well in a variety of styles and materials. Concealed cabinet hinges will be used on your custom cabinets so they are not seen when viewing your collection on display.

   Metal keyhole shaped hangers are installed on the back to allow for hanging the cabinets on a wall if you so desire. Cabinets that are large in size will have holes drilled and countersunk on the inside top and bottom for hanging. They look very nice hung together as a "matched set". A matched set is what we refer to when we install the door pulls/hinges on opposite sides. You can then hang together with a small space between the two allowing for a section of the wall to be seen between the cabinets creating a very nice look in the room.

   Some deeper models will hold Working Decoys such as Mason Decoys.

   State your size requirements when contacting us for custom built designs. We will be happy to answer your questions and work up a cost for you.

 Already know what you want?  Contact us in one of the following ways to get your name added to the build schedule.


Solid Oak 5 Shelf Heirloom Display Cabinet

   These Display Cabinets are hand crafted from solid oak with an oak veneer back to match. They have 5 stationary shelves plus the bottom. These door pulls are made from antler "crowns" (the base part of the antler where it attaches to the head) sanded, shaped, and buffed to a high sheen. Other door pulls can be used if you prefer, or no knobs if you prefer the look of a clean "framed" door with no door pulls or knobs added...just state your preference when ordering.

   Backs with velvet are available if you prefer that to the wood back. Both styles look very elegant, and are a great way to display your collection.

  • Also available with adjustable shelves.
  • Custom sizes available to fit your needs.
  •  Keyd locks available

   These pictured measure 39" tall x 18" wide x 4" deep (outside dimensions). Custom sizes available to suit your needs.

$627.46 each



Solid Cherry 4 Shelf Heirloom Display Cabinet

   These cabinets are handcrafted from solid cherry with a black velvet back. They have 4 shelves plus the bottom, no knobs for a clean framed look. Keyed locks installed on opposite sides for each cabinet to create a "matched Set".

   This particular pair of cabinets are custom"built-ins" and made to fit into openings framed into the wall when building. These cabinets will be set into place by pushing them back into the opening so only the face frame will stick out in front of the wall, and will be installed by securing in place with screws through the side walls. These will not hang on the wall, but be made part of the wall. If you would like these but do not want to cut a hole in your existing wall and frame to fit, we can custom build you a pair to hang on the wall instead. Holes are then drilled into the inside top and bottom at 16" on center to allow you to fasten directly into the wall studs behind the drywall using long screws.

   These cabinets measure 36" tall x 24" wide x 5" deep (other sizes available to suit your needs).

 note: keyed locks, and other options available (custom carving, painted door pulls, interior lighting, etc) are additional cost.

$893.82 each

Shown below after installation completed



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