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   Here we will just have fun! On this page we will share customers' photos of their collection shown inside their new Dorris Displays and on their DWC Display Stands. You may send a photo of your collection, once the displays are set up, to be posted here for others to see and enjoy. You've gotten your knives out of the drawers and closet and up on the wall where you can ejoy them daily, now you can show them off!
     You may also write a statement regarding your cabinet, your collection, a particular knife that has a special meaning to you, etc. that you would like posted with your photo.
     A big Thank You to all who have submitted your photos. We really enjoy seeing your knives/collections on display!

Thanks for sharing!
~dale & laura



Tim contacted us needing a cabinet to hang on the wall that would display 9 Randall
Made Knives. He also wanted a custom stand set up to display a pair of RMK
Glade's Hunters along with their special sheaths.
The cabinet is made from nicely figured solid cherry, has dovetail
joinery, a black velvet background, antler knife rests that are set up to display the knives pointing left
or right as desired on each pair, and a knob hand made from an antler crown.
Your collection looks great Tim! Thanks for the photos...
~dale & laura


 Displaying Knives With Custom Made Stands

Tom contacted us with a request to
have several different stands custom made to display particular RMK's models.
The stands display multiple knives in various configurations, have custom engraving, and are made from different types of solid burl wood.
Thanks Tom!
~dale & laura

A Great Wall Display
Bryan has 3 of our cabinets, one as a gift for his father, and two for himself. He sent us the photo above, and as you can see there is room for another cabinet on the right. The hide makes a beautiful background for the complete display,.. Nice idea Bryan! Thanks for the pic.

~dale & laura





Figured Cherry 8 Knife

Jim wanted a cabinet out of this highly figured cherry to display 8 knives. The 3 top photos show the cabinet here before leaving the shop, bottom photo is one he sent to us after it was hung and set up with his knives on display (interior light on inside the cabinet). 

Thanks Jim!
~dale & laura





2 Mahogany Single Knife Display Stands
Joseph made a couple knives for Christmas presents and wanted a stand for each gift. These stands have the straight edge design on the sides and ends with antler knfie rests.

Above are his pics showing each of the knives he made displayed on it's stand.
Thanks for the pics Joseph!
~dale & laura


Oak Deluxe 9 Knife Cabinet
Robert contacted us wanting a custom oak cabinet to display his collection of Randall Knives and here is the outcome. His photo after getting it hung and set up, with two additional photos (below) taken of it here upon completion before it shipped.
- Oak
- 9 knife capacity
- keyed lock
- Deluxe style top rail
-RMK custom engraved top rail
- dark red velvet background
- knife rests made from oak to match the cabinet
- No door pull for a clean "framed" look
(click pics to enlarge)

"Thanks for the beautiful cabinet. Here is a picture of it mounted."
-Robert L. -OK

You're welcome Robert. Thank you for the order, it is greatly appreciated.
Looks Great!







Matched Set Mahogany Deluxe Cabinets

This pair, or "matched set", of cabinets were custom ordered to house a collection of custom folding knives. Order per Duane's specs, they have custom engraving, deluxe style door rails, optional bronze door pulls, keyed locks, interior lighting, and dark velvet background. Knives pointing opposite directions inside of each one, and door pulls on opposite sides.

Photos shown of his collection once he received the cabinets, and also additional photos shown that were taken in the shop before shipping.

Thanks Dale and Laura,

I like the cabinets very much with the light on or off.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

(click any photo to enlarge)









 Buckeye Burl Display Stand

I received the knife stand today.  It is perfect.  Exactly what I was looking for.

I have attached a few photos with my knife on it.

Thanks again,
Dave W. -TX

This buckeye burl stand has a satin finish, and live edge left in place.
Thanks for the pics Dave, glad it is what you were wanting for your knife.
~dale & laura


RMK Raymond Thorp Bowie - 13" blade on a maple burl stand

The knife is an exceptional piece.
Your stand is also a beautiful thing. It really makes my knives look great.

Best wishes,


Thanks Jim, really nice photo and a beautiful knife!
~dale & laura

Spalted Maple Burl
A really nice piece of spalted maple was used to make this stand for a Christmas gift. A lot of prep work into this one to keep it a surprise. : )

Shannon and Jim's statement:

My husband (Jim) and I recently purchased a Randall Knife Stand last month for a friend’s birthday present. Nonetheless, my husband didn’t want to give it up. I was wondering what you have in your studio or if perhaps I could order in time for Christmas. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!!

Thank you so much. Can't wait to see it. It will be the best Christmas ever thanks to you.

Thanks for helping my wife with the stand, I love it. Here
are some pics with my knife on it.
Thanks again

The stand looks great with your beautiful #25 displayed on it! Thanks for the pic, enjoy!
~dale & laura

Buckeye Burl Display Stand
This stand has a danish oil finish, wet sanded with each coat, then a topping of wax hand buffed for a nice smooth feel to the touch. George was waiting on a special custom knife and needed a special stand to display it. The buckeye stand looks great with his new knife!

George's statement:
I have been posting pictures of your beautiful stand on the knife forums I frequent, and am sure others will take notice of how exquisite it is. Here is a picture of my new knife on your stand. It turns out that the buckeye burl is a perfect color match for the blue & cream mammoth ivory handle.
Thanks, George

Beautiful knife, and beautiful photo George, thanks for sending it.
~dale & laura


Many thanks. It is a very beautiful stand – you do great work!
Best wishes,


Custom Cherry "Ambidextrous" Cabinet
Mark wanted a cherry cabinet to display his collection of custom knives. This cabinet has been customized to display each knife pointing left or right as desired. The knife rests are made from antler with an antler crown for the door pull, and a dark velvet as the background.

Thanks for the photo Mark. Your knives look great! It makes a difference having them displayed where you can see and enjoy them daily.

Mark's statement...
Hello Dale,
As promised, I took pictures of the knife cabinet that now holds a prominent spot on the wall of my home office. The cabinet is loaded with beautiful knives, all of which I have have received as gifts from my best friend and bird hunting buddy, Mike, whom I have mentioned to you and copied here (Hi, Brother!). The pictures don't do it justice and I do plan to put non-glare glass in the cabinet when I get a free moment, which will help the viewing quite a bit. But, you can get the general idea....will send more when I get the glass changed.

Thanks again for the wonderful work....something I will enjoy for many, many years and allows me to look at these beautiful knives daily, appreciate the special talent that went into their creation, and think of the dear friend who has blessed me with them. Not bad!

Cheers, Mark


Treeman Hatchet - Hickory Cabinet
Treeman Knives - Spalted Maple Cabinet
Randall Made Knives - Oak Cabinet
Treeman Knives - Hickory Cabinet
Hickory, Walnut & Oak Cabinets

Custom Cabinets
Jerry wanted a few cabinets, and a few stands, to display his collection. He now has cabinets made from Oak, Walnut, Spalted Maple, and Hickory (with two barn wood cabinest yet to come). He sent us photos of a few that he has filled with knives. They look great Jerry! I really like that Treeman hatchet!  ; )

Jerry's statement...
Got em up! :-)))))))) Just got em up and knives in them - shows me I need some more knives ..... AND THE POWER WENT OFF!!!!!!! Here I was, like a kid that
had just got a huge new toy and and I could do was open the blinds and stare - and the lights never came back on until about 5:30 this morning.... I took some
pictures and then filled in the empty spots with some Behring skinners and a Cote Bullnose Skinner so I could see what it looks like full and OMG - LOVE THEM!!!
I will have to clean up the glass, so it looks as good as the wood work - they already look like they been there forever.... I need to decorate around them. I have
the place ready for the next 1 :-)) Tracking says it will be here Tuesday! NEED MORE RANDALLS!
talk to you later, more play time...

Thanks for the pics...
~dale & laura


Maple Burl, Live Edge, Custom Engraving
Dario contacted us wanting a maple burl stand customized to fit his Nordic Bowie . This stand has the custom Randall engraving added with beautiful grain and burl eyes. Dario's Nordic looks spectacular! A beautiful knife with amazing stag for the handle... deserving to be displayed, seen and enjoyed daily.
Thanks for the photo Dario. It was a pleasure making this stand for you.
~dale & laura


Maple Burl -Live Edge- Custom Engraving
Todd wanted a maple burl display stand with the live edge, and custom Randall engraving to hold his RMK model 3-6".  This stand was made from a piece of burl with incredible grain and figure to it.
Todd's statement: 
Just a note Dale to let you know that I received the knife stand. Its just great I really like it and the Randall fits it well. Thanks, Todd
Dale here is the pic of the Randall on the beautiful stand. If it is a good enough it would be great to have it in the customers photos. Todd

Looks great Todd,... and what a very beautiful model 3 you have there. The stag with finger grips and the brass & red spacers really set it off! I would want to display that magnificent knife too!
thank you Todd...
~dale & laura


Mahogany 5 Knife Single Door
A mahogany 5 knife custom made for Charles's smaller knives. Dark red velvet, keyed lock, painted door pull, and battery LED accent light. Charles also has a few single knife display stands as well.

Charles' statement: 
Hi  Dale
Just hung the cabinet! It is beautiful! My wife just loves it. I adjusted the posts to fit my knives and they sit just wonderfully.

It looks fantastic Charles, great job setting it up! As always it was a pleasure custom building this piece for you so you can get your knives displayed where you can enjoy them daily.
Glad you like it...
~dale & laura


"Matched Set" Walnut Deluxe Cabinets
This pair custom made for Joel to display his Randalls. When Joel contacted me he wanted cabinets that would hold the knives in his collection so they could be displayed on the wall as the art that they are, and after working on the design and size needed, these cabinets are the result. They do look magnificent! Made from beautiful solid walnut, they have dark red velvet backgrounds, interior lighting, solid walnut knife rests, antler crown door pulls, and keyed locks. These cabinets will hold the shorter knives while the large bowie cabinet below will hold the longer ones. 
In addition to the cabinets, a maple burl stand displays a model 11 Alaskan Skinner.

Hi Dale,
    Two exceptional cabinets arrived right on time and are being installed as I'm typing this. Looking forward to seeing them, and my guests seeing them "loaded" with the knives. Thank you again for your courtesy.

Hi Dale,
    Finally! Cabinets are up and full. Thanks very much for detailed installation
instructions. Cabinets look terrific as you can see.
  Thanks very much again.
Joel K - NH

Below are more photos from Joel... a maple burl display stand, and a large walnut bowie cabinet to display larger knives.
Thanks for the photos Joel. It was a pleasure building these pieces for you.
~dale & laura


Large cabinet, 44 1/2" tall x 23" wide for bowie knives


Large Walnut Single Door
This particular cabinet measures 32" tall x 18" wide, made from solid walnut with a burgundy velvet background, a bronze door pull, keyed lock, and solid walnut knife rests. We made the knife rests, and included with his cabinet, but did not locate and install them. Bryan installed the wood rests himself after laying out and arranging his knives in a configuration he liked best. This cabinet was designed and built custom for Bryan to display his folding knives, hung on the wall where he could see and enjoy them daily.

They look great Bryan, good job!
~dale & laura

Here are some pics of the cabinet you sent me filled with my knives. I am so pleased with the cabinet, it is beautiful and displays the knives great. The second reason for my email is I would like to order another cabinet just like it for my father.
-Bryan V. - NJ


Maple Burl Single Knife Display Stand
This particular stand was custom made for a Randall model 1-8". Roger has a few of our stands, each displaying a particular knife, and each unique in it's own way. We met Roger with his first order a few years ago and since he has become a great friend.

Great photo Roger...
Many Thanks!
~dale & laura


Cherry Single Knife Presentation Display
Jim's second display is for a Randall model 1-8" to be displayed separately from his other knives. With a handle made with a piece of the wood from the USS California. The ivory inlay is scrimshawed with "Battleship Row" at Pearl Harbor which is where the ship was on Dec. 07, 1941. There is also a challenge coin display, made from cherry to match the cabinet, which is removable and free standing displaying the coin directly below the knife. Jim has very nice taste for putting together a unique collection, and has the battleship photo and info framed above the knife for a very nice look. Great presentation Jim! Thanks for adding your photo to this page for others to enjoy.
~dale & laura


Cherry 5 knife Single Door
Jim wanted a cherry cabinet to display his 5 favorite Randalls in a specific order. Beautiful knives for sure! The electric fluorescent light is plugged into an outlet controlled by a wall swith. Jim just flips the switch and the cabinet lights up... great idea (you don't even have to open the door). This one measures 24" tall x 18" wide, dark red velvet, antler rests and antler crown door pull, with a keyed lock.

Jim's statement:

The cabinet is super nice. My friend who is one of the operators of our woodshop here was very impressed.
I want to thank you too for the beautiful calendar and mouse pad. They are much appreciated.
best wishes,
Jim G. - GA

Thanks Jim, your knives look great!


 Deluxe Walnut Single Door
Jennifer wanted a cabinet built to surprise her dad for Christmas, customized with his initials engraved in the top door rail. She mentioned he has collected knives for years but had no way of displaying them resulting in knives in drawers, etc. which we all know is no fun. He now has a way to display and enjoy his great collection!

Jennifer's statement...

"The cabinet passed with flying colors! Little did I know, but walnut is his favorite wood, and he could not stop raving about the craftsmanship and how beautiful it was. Again, I cannot thank you enough for everything you did to help make this possible, Dale.  I live in a town full of hunters and knife-collectors, and I will recommend you to everyone I know! This is by far the best customer service experience I have ever had.  Thank you so much for making this such a memorable Christmas for my father and I."

Jennifer C. - MI

Thank you Jennifer for the photo. It was my pleasure building this piece for you knowing it was for a special gift.


Maple Burl Display Stand

Dick asked if I would custom make a burl stand with the "live edge" to hold his Hawkins knife.

Dick's statement... 

"Dale, words like awesome, perfect and beautiful are the first words that come to mind as I looked at the pictures."

Dick took this photo showing his knife on the new display, along with a Kimber Raptor II just for fun.
Thanks for the great photo Dick!


Large Carved Maple Display Stand

Bill has several of our carved display stands, and a couple cabinets on order as well. Bill made the box calls shown in the photo, and sent us one to use in the field. Beautiful job!


Large Carved Walnut Display Stand

Roger asked if I would custom make a walnut stand with the Randall carving to hold his RMK Nordic Bowie.

Roger's statement... 

"Dale, Took this today, plan to take some more later. The stand really is
(also love your cases).
Talk to you soon.

 Roger P. - IL

Thanks for the great photo Roger... and what a beautiful piece of stag!



About these displays...

The overall dimensions: 41 1/2" tall x 23 1/2" wide x 2 3/4" deep

Doug chose the old barn wood because of the look and the history behind it. This wood is hundreds of years old and cut from trees that were ranging in age from saplings to 100 year old trees at the time Columbus came to America in the late 1400's. They stood strong and undisturbed for centuries before being felled to build a barn in the 1800's.  Doug waited patiently for 2 of these displays to be custom built to his size requirements for his Bowie collection. He currently has one more on order to complete the set.

Doug's statement... 

 "Hi Dale, The display boxes arrived today, and they are beautiful!  They made the trip unscathed, and I'm now in the process of arranging the Bowies on them.  I think I'm going to go with a random arrangement instead of placing them horizontally in a vertical row.  My Wife suggested laying them with the side up that shows any I.D. or other markings (several of them have this).  I've already found that some of the knives look better with the points slightly up, some with the points slightly downward and some are better laying almost horizontal.  Another
interesting discovery is that I can lay an expensive limited production knife next to a relatively inexpensive production knife and they both look great!  I think the display box does that.  I'm having too much fun!"

"The Texas Bowies will no doubt be the stars of my collection, but I've
found that even my most modest production knives deserve a place in the display boxes, and they look good to boot!  I think you said it all when you described the customer display section on your website as "fun."  My Bowie displays are in the hallway that leads out to the garage, and I walk by them constantly.  I'm always stopping to admire them, and sometimes I take one down to enjoy it for a minute.  These knives have been in a drawer for the last couple of years, but now they are "out" for all to see."

"Thanks again, I'm really happy with
the barnwood and the way the display boxes came out. 

All the best!"
 Doug T. - CA

Thanks Doug for choosing Dorris Displays for your collection. They look great! I enjoyed working with you on the design, and  thanks for the photos to share. 


About the cabinet...

The overall dimensions: 27 1/2" tall x 22 1/2" wide x 4 1/2" deep, Oak, 7 knife, alternating directions.

Kurt wasn't sure of the layout configuration upon ordering the cabinet. So he decided to have us supply the antler knife "rests" and install them himself. Several customers have done this in the past, as it allows them to lay out their knives in various configurations before committing to one. Locating and drilling the holes himself, Kurt then mounted the antler rests with the screws provided for an overall fantastic look.

Good job Kurt! 

Kurt's statement... 

(Kurt's father was a knife maker)   "I'm lucky enough to have some of his knives he has made and want to display them right.  I have been looking since he passed away (5 years now) for the right case, and you have it."

Thanks Kurt for those kind words. May you enjoy your collection, up on the wall where you can see it, for many years to come.



About this cabinet...

This one was custom built for Randy using walnut for his wood choice, and black velvet on the back. It is a Double Door model designed to hold 30 knives, and measures 36" tall x 32" wide. The rests are located at 2 1/8" apart vertically, and at the standard width of 5" apart horizontally. The right door has two high quality sliding barrel locks (one at the top & one at the bottom) to lock that door in place first. The keyed lock is then installed on the left door.

Randy's  statement...

"The cabinet has arrived! Just getting back from a biz trip, my friendly UPS driver neatly put my treasure in the secret spot. Opened it up as
soon as I got in, happily spilling white peanuts all over the living room floor. It looks fantastic!

Your diligence to the detail is much appreciated. That's the reason that I decided to make the purchase through you rather than someone else.
Thanks much Dale for living up to your end of the bargain. It really looks great... Can't wait to adorn with edged weapons!"
Randy, - Los Angeles, CA

Thank you Randy, and thanks for the photos!


Mark V. - Wisconsin
     This one is a Walnut 5 Knife Single Door Model. The handles on a couple of the knives shown in the one were harvested by the customer on hunts.
     Mark has these knives displayed pointing alternating directions for a very nice look.
     Looks great Mark! Thanks for sending the photo.



Ken F. - FL

About these cabinets...

Ken has 5 of our cabinets! The bottom photo. is of 2 Oak cabinets. Ken had us build these to his specs., and he installed the antler knife rests to custom fit his knives.The top photo. shows (from left to right) a Walnut Single Door, a Cedar Double Door, and an Oak Single Door on the far right. 

Note: the coffin shaped case is not one of ours.

What a beautiful collection!

Thanks for the photos. Ken!


Doc W. - NC

About this cabinet... 

This one was custom built for Doc per his specs. Doc is a knife maker, and wanted this cabinet to house 9 of his knives. He needed the rests that hold the blade end of the knife to be a few degrees higher than the one that holds the handles on each pair. This cabinet is from vintage barn wood harvested from a barn that was built in the 1800's. The wood is between 500-600 years old today. These trees ranged from being young sapplings to approx. 100 years old at the time Columbus came to America in 1492. Lots of history behind this wood. 

note: The knives pictured inside this cabinet were not made by Doc. I used them for props for this photo.

Doc builds some beautiful knives. Visit his web site, and tell him Dale and Laura sent you.


Frank B. - CA
About this cabinet...

This one was built from cherry, and houses 5 of Frank's knives on rests made from antler, buffed and polished to a high sheen.

All of the knives in this photo. are hand made by Frank Bradley of Bradley Knives. Frank makes some beautiful works of art using only the finest materials, and and "eye" for creating some truly beautiful pieces.  He is one heck of a nice guy to deal with too. Visit his site and mention that you saw his cabinet here.

Frank's statement...

"It arrived here safely late last night, it looks great, proud to hang my knives in are an excellent woodworker". 

~Frank B. Weaverville, CA

Thanks for the photo Frank...your knives look great on display!

You may visit Frank's site by clicking on the link below. Tell him Dale and Laura sent you!


John S. - SC
About this cabinet...

This large Oak Single Door cabinet was custom built for John per his specs. and size requirements. It has a red velvet background (which matches his pool table perfectly), keyed lock, and holds 11 knives on rests made from antler. The bottom set of antler rests were customized to hold the Randall Smithsonian Bowie to allow it to sit level. There is enough room below the Smithsonian to hold a few smaller knives as well.

It looks great!

Thanks for the photo. John!




Danny's statement: "The best display case for your knives ever. You won`t find a better one."

~Dannis C. - Florida 

About these cabinets...

   Danny has 6 of our cabinets (three shown in the photos here). All of his cabinets have been customized with the interior lighting, hand painted antler door pulls, and some with custom engraving/carving to personalize each to his liking and knife needs.

  • The two large ones in these photos. are built from Mahogany with dark red velvet backs. This "matching set" has the laser engraved RANDALL name on the top door rails, and hand painted BUCK door pulls.
  • The small 4 knife cabinet is built from oak with a navy velvet back. It has a hand painted BUCK door pull.
  • The 4th large cabinet holds 8 knives,  is built from Mahogany as well, not shown. Also has a hand painted BUCK door pull. 
  • The 5th is a free standing Floor Model holding 10 knives, black velvet back, and a lower cabinet with shelves behind the solid panel door to store sheaths and boxes, etc. This one has a hand painted QUAIL door pull.
  • The 6th cabinet is a walnut 8 knife model displaying 2 rows of 4 knives pointing toward each other (toward the center).

   Danny also ordered several custom painted door pulls for other cabinets that he has in his den.

   The cabinets look spectacular! The deer heads on the wall are a very nice touch too (Danny is a hunter).

Thanks so much for the photos. Danny. It was a real pleasure building these for are top notch all the way, keep in touch.

~Dale & Laura Dorris


Katrina I. - TN

About this cabinet...

Katrina ordered this cabinet as a gift for her husband's collection.

  • Cherry 28 Knife Double Door
  • Dark Red velvet
  • Keyed lock

Holes drilled and countersunk for the screw heads on the inside top and bottom at 16" apart (on center) to line up with wall studs for a very secure installation.

Thanks for the photo. Katrina!


Tom & Barbara P. - NY
The cabinet arrived as promised on Thursday.  Just got it put together today--glass came thru just fine.
It is really a beautiful job--looks great!!  We like the Randall logos--well done.
And Tom thanks you for the cap.
I'm attaching a couple of pictures.
Thanks again.
About this cabinet...
  • Maple Double Door 10 knife model (21" tall x 36" wide for longer knives)
  • Engraved, ink filled door rails on both doors

Tom and Barb have 2 maple double door cabinets, and several single knife display stands that they have ordered over the years. Thanks guys for the photo, your knives look great in this one!




Bobby L. - NY
about these cabinets...
This "matched set" made from cherry with black velvet backs. These are custom designed per Bobby's specs. to fit into framed openings in the wall. They are deeper than standard display cabinets at 5", and are 36" tall x 24" wide. Keyed locks on both, but no door pulls, and concealed cabinet hinges for clean, straight lines. Face frames on the fronts which sit flush against the wall.  The shelves are all fully adjustable, and rest on shelf "pins" to accommodate various pieces in any configuration. The design has countersunk holes on the inside top and bottom (both sides) to allow for mounting in place with screws right into the wall studs. With each cabinet recessed into the wall, there is no chance of them ever falling.

Thanks for the photos Bobby, good job installing them, they look great!
~Dale & Laura Dorris


All images copyright ©2013 Dorris Wood Creations All rights reserved