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Thinking of a design for your custom Dorris Display...
   A display cabinet should compliment your knife collection in addition to providing storage. A well thought out display will not take away from your collection, but enhance the way it looks by giving each piece in your collection equal attention. A custom display that has been designed for your particular collection has many advantages. The first that comes to mind is that it can be designed to hold your entire collection. Even large collections can fit into several matching cabinets so that when hung on the wall together they become a collage that are fitted together for a unique look of continuity, each cabinet being part of a continued whole. The second advantage is the cabinet can be sized to your collection as opposed to settling on one that is a predetermined size when manufactured. If planned correctly, the largest knife will fit as nicely as the smallest. Another advantage to the custom cabinet is that it can be built from a particular wood type that matches the decor in the room where you plan to display it, or just built from one of your favorite types of wood. Some production line displays are pre-built in one type of wood with stains to vary the color. The description states "cherry finish", or "walnut finish", etc. The wood is exactly the same on each one with the stain being different colors, the color name doesn't indicate wood type. Building a custom cabinet from solid wood of your choice is a great advantage and ensures that you are getting cherry when ordering cherry, walnut when ordering walnut, and so on, not just the coloring of a particular wood. However, the most exciting advantage to having your display custom built is the fact that there is no other one like it in the world. It was designed, drafted, and built entirely by hand for your unique collection and taste.

   Your display case or cabinet should reflect some of your personality just as your collection does. Start with the shape or design. Choosing a custom display builder that will work with you through the design portion of the project will ensure that you get each knife displayed properly, and in a way that compliments each knife inside the cabinet. A prebuilt or production case is very limited in what it has to offer. There is no unique style to set it apart from the thousands like it that came off the same assembly line. Your personality should carry through to your collection and the display, with a design that is an extension of you, if you will, with your favorite wood, shape, colored background, knife rest material, door pull, custom engraving, etc.

The design should be one of beauty yet at the same time, something that is very functional. It should have easy opening doors allowing you access to your knives when you want/need to get one out. A keyed lock on the door is something that comes reccomended. Others will not be able to open the door and remove knives without you knowing about it first. The cabinet shape, be it square or rectangular, long or short, should compliment your knife collection and not crowd it together. In designing, leave enough room between each knife to allow it to be seen as the individual piece of art that prompted you to buy it in the first place. If needed, order a second display cabinet to have enough room to display larger collections in order to avoid crowding. Once hung on the wall and filled, you'll be glad you did. Each piece will be easily seen when adequate spacing between knives is used.

   Wood for your custom Dorris Display is available in a large variety of species from ash, cherry, maple, oak, walnut, mahogany, hickory, and weathered barn wood that has been reclaimed, to custom ordered exotic species. The wood type you choose will depend primarily upon personal preference. You may want to match existing furniture, or go with a different wood type all together to create a contrasting look in the room. For instance barn wood emanates a solid rustic look that will go great with the look of a "finished" room. Barn wood has a look about it that almost everyone is familiar with as they were at one time very common on America's roadsides. These old barns are disappearing quickly as wind storms, and what some call progress, tear them down to make room for the newer dwellings. The wood is filled with history, beautiful in a unique way, and much older than many realize. Counting annual growth rings on old barn beams will show that many were several hundred years old at the time of felling to build the barns. Most of these old barns were built in the 1800's after the Civil War and into very early 1900's. Doing the math, based on the annual growth rings, shows us that some of the trees were 100+ years old at the time Columbus came to America in 1492. This means the wood is actually over 600 years old today! If it could only tell us all it has seen... days when only Native Americans walked this country. Many things have happened since they were seedlings... great storms, wars, etc., and the trees stood there steadfastly on this undeveloped land. It was cut to build a barn providing storage for a farmer at the end of the Civil War, and did it's job well for many years. Now instead of letting it go to waste we like to reclaim it to build a custom piece that will house your collection. It will live on in another form, this time in the shape of a cabinet, for generations to come. I love the look of barn wood!

   Custom Dorris Displays are available with velvet or felt backs offered in a variety of colors. The color you choose will be greatly influenced by surroundings in the cabinet's environment, the knives to go inside, and of course personal preference. Walls, carpet, border, etc. all will likely have an impact on the color you choose for the backing. Another important factor to consider is the material used on your knife handles. For example, knives with black micarta obviously will not show up near as well against a black velvet background as they would on red or dark red. Some styles are offered with wood backs, in place of the velvet, to match the cabinet. Deciding between velvet and wood for the back will be primarily personal preference. In our opinion, the velvet backdrop adds a look of elegance to your display and collection. It looks "rich", meaning as if it were something you could eat, it would harden your arteries. In some cases felt is a better choice than velvet. Touching it will not leave "shine" marks like velvet will do, and it has a more subtle look to it. Most gun cabinets have felt inside, like where the barrels meet the wood, and colors can most likely be matched to existing cabinetry/furniture.

   The overall result, whatever model and design you decide upon, will be a beautiful cabinet having a hand applied, rubbed, and buffed finish that you have come to expect on a quality hand made piece. The first time of seeing your collection displayed in your new Dorris Display, you will see the knives in a whole different way. Your knives have never looked so good... the display compliments the knives and the knives compliment the display. It is the "marriage" of the knives and display together that make them both look better united than each look independently.

~Dale Dorris

Written by Dale Dorris copyright© All rights reserved


All images copyright ©2013 Dorris Wood Creations All rights reserved