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     These wood storage chests are not hand built by us here at Dorris Wood Creations, but are purchased from a supplier and offered to those of you wanting storage rather than display cabinets. They work especially well for folding or pocket knives, as well as for fixed blades as shown in the photos. (and let's not forget they work great for tools too). These chests are great for various collections, and to store items for hobbies, crafts, sewing, paints & art supplies, etc.
We use these in the shop for tools at various working stations. They are small, fit easily on a workbench or table surface, and hold the tools needed for that specific machine, task, etc., so we don't have to walk across the shop to the larger chests many times throught a day. Since we use these here we feel comfortable offering them to you as all in all they are pretty nice chests. They offer a solution to the storage problem many of us have when it comes to knives, small boxes, and sheaths. I use several of our display cabinets for my personal knives, but also like to use these chests for the sheaths, sharpening stones, para cords included with wrist thongs, etc., ... things that you don't want to display in a glass door cabinet but yet have no "real place" designated to keep them. They look great, very tasteful, sitting with the cabinets or on a desk top (and you don't have to worry about hiding them like you would an old unsightly worn cardboard box.).
Note: Custom engraving is mentioned, and the price is listed in the descriptions below for each of these chests with and without engraving. This engraving is done on the top of the lid with an ink fill to allow it to "stand out" very well against the wood coloring.








A). 8 Drawer Chest w/ green felt   
     The 8 drawer model shown above states that it is made of solid wood with a walnut stain. There are 6 smaller drawers toward the top, and 2 full width drawers. The top also opens and provides additional storage. There is a mirror mounted to the inside of the top. Soft felt lining is used in the top compartment and the drawers to prevent your knives from getting scratched. This model has a full wood front that locks with a keyed lock, and slides down under the drawers when you open it so it is out of the way. There are pins on the bottom left and right of the wood panel that slide in grooves (open much like a garage door, but goes down instead of up). The top also latches shut and locks with a separate keyed lock so you can open either the top or the drawers separately from each other. There are 2 sets of keys included. There are metal pieces on the corners to protect them from getting bumped, or dinged, and to dress it up a bit too. There is also a handle on the top of this chest to allow for easy carrying.
Custom laser engraving is available on the lid to personalize this chest for an additional charge of $65.00
Measures:  20" long x 10 1/2" wide x 16" high (when closed)
Price: $295.99 ea.
with engraving: $360.99 ea.










8 Drawer Chest w/ white felt
Note: This 8 drawer model also available with white felt lining... a very nice look especially for those of you having dark handled knives like black or green micarta, and wood handes like walnut and rosewood.
It is lockable, and has a clear laquer walnut finish.
This chest measures: 20" x 10 1/2" x 15 3/4" (when closed)
Price w/ white felt: $329.99 ea.
with engraving: $394.99 ea.







B). 6 Drawer Chest w/ green felt
This chest is an Ash storage chest and has 6 drawers for storage of knives, craft supplies, art supplies like paints and brushes, tools, etc.  It has 4 small drawers (upper), and 2 full width drawers on the bottom. The drawers are lined, with green felt to protect your knives, tools, etc. to prevent them from getting scratched. There are metal pieces on the corners to protect them from getting bumped or dinged and to dress it up a little. It has handles on each side for easy carrying.
Has one keyed lock (similar to the way the old skeleton keys used to look) that locks the top and all 6 drawers at the same time. There is a wood panel that has holes in one end and pins in the other that you set in place in front of the drawers (shown in the photos above) that also provides extra security form opening the drawers. There is a mirror mounted on the inside of the lid.
Measures: 19 3/4" wide x 8 3/4" front to back x 12" tall (when closed)
Price: $229.99
with engraving: $294.99

NOTE: These small 3 drawer chests below are not available at this time. We will try to find another supplier and let you know when they are available for purchase.








Note: Very few left in this size. These smaller ones have been discontinued.
C). 3 Drawer Chest w/ green felt
     This 3 drawer wood chest is made from ash, and has a separate top compartment. The top is lined, as well as the drawers are lined, with felt to protect yor knives, and prevent them from getting scratched. There are metal pieces on the corners to protect them from getting bumped or dinged. It has handles on each side for easy carrying. This model does not lock, but does have a latch on top to close the lid securely. It is a very nice size overall for storing small collections or tools used for hobbies, crafts, etc., and sits nicely on a desk or tabletop.
Measures: 15 3/4" long x 8" wide x 11 1/4" high (when closed)
Price: $195.99 ea.
with engraving: $260.99 ea.

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