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These cabinets have hand painted wildlife scenes on the "Deluxe" curved top door rails. These scenes are painted by my wife Laura, who also paints the antler door pulls for you. The same types of scenes are available if you would like the top rails to match with the door pulls for a "theme" throughout the entire piece.
These cabinets have a deluxe finish as well. The 3 coats of Danish oil (normal DWC finish) that is wet sanded between each coat, plus 3 coats of hand applied and rubbed wax. This finish is outstanding, and goes hand in hand with the look of these beautiful cabinets.
Wildlife/game scenes... a few examples listed below.
  • Mallard Duck
  • Wood Duck
  • Deer
  • Elk
  • Turkey
  • Moose
  • Bear
  • Pheasant
  • Canada Geese
  • Quail
  • Rabbit
  • Squirrel
  • Lg. Mouth Bass
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Wolf

There is something about having these hand painted scenes added to your hand made cabinet that give it that "something extra" not available on the plain rail cabinets. What a great way to customize your one of a kind, hand made display to fit your personality. They really are quite beautiful.

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(click photos below to enlarge)


The above photo shows the cabinet with the room lights off, and the electric fluorescent light "on". The photo is not the best, and is difficult to capture in low light with our camera, but gives you an idea of what it looks like with the interior light switched on. These lights show the collection very well and even light the interior of cabinet up nicely during daylight hours.



Click knob photo below to view the "Painted Knobs" page showing the various scenes.




This "Painted Scene Cabinet" has a pair of mallards flying over a lake with trees in the background. This pic is one that I came up with playing with sketches on a note pad. I then sent the sketch to our artist friend who paints the antler crown door pulls and asked her to paint it on the curved top door rails. After a few trial and error pieces, we had what I envisioned in my mind. These deluxe curved top rails are available with various wildlife scenes on them to allow you to personalize your Dorris Display to fit your personal likes regarding hunting and animals. Additional photos of the various scenes will be uploaded as we get time.
This particular cabinet is made from some outsanding walnut with
dark red velvet. The dimensions on this one are 24" tall x 16" wide. I "pushed" the antler rests a little closer on this one so it would hold 8 knives rather than the normal 6 for this size. This cabinet is designed specifically to hold hunter models with half guards rather than models with double hilts so they all fit nicely without looking crowded. If you plan on displaying knives with double hilts, we would need to move the rests farther apart to hold 6 in this size cabinet.
Note: If you would like the cabinet to be a smaller size physically, but hold extra knives from what is shown in the list (like with this one in the photo), additional rests can be installed at a cost of $10 per pair. Usually this will save you on the overall cost... start with a smaller size display cabinet with a lower price, and add a pair or rests making it hold one more knife. If we can be of any assistance helping you configure the size/style of your custom cabinet we will be happy to do so.
This cabinet is shown with the following options...
  • optional keyed lock
  • optional electric fluorescent light fixture
  • optional mallard hand painted antler crown door pull (to complete the "duck theme").

As with any Dorris Display you may opt to have the options listed above added to your Painted Scene Cabinet when ordering, or have the cabinet built by itself with the standard magnetic latch and no options added. That is one of the greatest aspects of having a custom display built for your collection... you choose to have it any way you wish.

Prices - Painted Scene Cabinets:

  • 5 Knife, 21 1/2" x 14"    $794.99
  • 6 Knife, 24" x 16"          $834.99
  • 7 Knife, 26" x 16"          $864.99
  • 8 Knife, 28" x 16"          $884.99
  • 9 Knife, 30" x 16"          $914.99
  • 9 Knife, 30" x 18"       $$944.99
  • Other sizes available as well to suit your collection needs.


    Large Deluxe Painted Scene Cabinet
    This Painted Scene Cabinet has a buck hand painted in the center of the deluxe curved top rail.
    • 28" tall x 25" wide (Other sizes available as well to suit your collection needs)
    • 12 Knife model
    • Shown in Walnut
    • Dark Red velvet
    • Shown with keyed lock & painted door pull (extra options) to carry the theme throughout the entire piece.


    note: This cabinet could easily hold 14 knives by moving the rests a little closer together vertically. The price for this size cabinet designed to hold 14 knives would be: $1103.99


    All images copyright ©2013 Dorris Wood Creations All rights reserved