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Here's a photo of the boys that make these...Steven 13, Andrew 8, Daniel 6.



 These "Fish Sticks" are used to hold the fish while removing scales, and cutting/cleaning. They are made by our 3 sons, Daniel, Andrew, and Steven (ages 6, 8, and 13). They love to fish, and when cleaning their catch they are always getting poked by a fin (which can hurt), and their small hands have a difficult time holding onto the fish with one hand while holding the knife with the other. I told them about using a stick inserted into the fish's mouth and stomach to help keep it in place on the table. They loved the idea, and we decided to take it a step further by making really nice handles for the sticks, much like a knife maker would do for a custom knife.
   My ultimate goal is to get them used to making up handles from various materials so they can each make their own knife to use and keep for a lifetime. As they make more handles, and get the experience, they will be making knives that will be listed here as well.
   The money from selling these fish cleaning sticks will buy more materials to allow them to make more... it's a big circle, but we are hoping their new found addiction will fund itself.
   The standard fish sticks are available with handles made from walnut, maple, and oak. The stick or dowel is approx. 5" long. If you would like it just a tad shorter, you can trim to suit your needs. If you'd like it a bit longer, email with the length desired and they will custom cut one for your order. The boys are creative, so there will also be a few "customs" available here with inserts of exotic woods, ivory, buffalo horn, antler, colored fiber spacers, etc. These materials are expensive to buy so the "customs" will be priced individually as they are made and listed here on this page.

note: These fish sticks are not listed on the order form. Just send us an email with what you are wanting and I will pass the info along to the boys.


Walnut handle, purple heart insert, buffalo horn at the front and for the butt cap. Walnut 3/8" diam. rod.
overall length: approx. 10"




Cherry handle, insert of walnut with two smaller inserts of butternut on each side with a red fiber spacer between each. Cedar butt cap.
overall length approx. 9 1/4"



Antler handle with buffalo horn at the front. Cherry 3/8" diam rod.
overall length: approx. 8 3/4"
note: This one has a "burn" mark on the cherry rod where the buffer grabbed it and removed a little of the wood before coming to a stop.


Curved antler handle with thin piece of buffalo horn at front. It has a thin brass spacer between the buffalo horn (but is hard to see because so thin).
overall length: approx. 7 1/2" for small fish and easy carry.
1/4" diam. oak rod.


Cherry handle, 2 walnut and 1 maple spacers, buffalo horn butt cap. 5/16" diam. hardwood rod.
overall length: approx. 8 3/4"


Walnut handle, thin buffalo horn front, red fiber spacers, insert of white material made by dupont. 5/16" hardwood rod.
overall length: approx. 10 1/2"


Walnut handle (nicely figured grain), insert of bubinga with thin black spacers on each side, buffalo horn on the front. 1/4" rod of walnut.
overall length: approx. 8 3/4"


Custom Designs - SOLD


Above & below:
~ Cherry with buffalo horn front and butt cap, walnut & brass spacers
~ Leopard wood with diagonal insert of solid mammoth ivory, fossilized walrus ivory butt plate
note: both of these have 1/4" diam. rods


Below, the one on the left:
Maple handle, insert of leopard wood, butternut and bubinga spacers, bubinga butt, 5/16" diam. rod.



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