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Butterfly Inlay

Authentic RANDALL MADE snaps
The authentic Randall Made Knives snaps available on your Dorris Display are the same snaps used on the Randall sheaths. These snaps were provided to us by Gary Randall of Randall Made Knives in Orlando, FL to add that "special touch" and complete the theme of your custom Randall Display. A heartfelt thank-you goes out to Mr. Randall for his continued support and generosity.
(click photos below to enlarge)




*Click on either of these photos to show photos of all Painted Scene Door Pulls


Custom Engraving


~Custom Engraving/Carving
   Have your name, your company name, or the name of your favorite knife maker carved into the top door rail. 
   We are pleased to announce that after pesonally talking to each of these  maker's, we have the permission to engrave their name on our custom cabinets. They are each excellent crafstman in their trade, and produce the highest quality work possible. A very special "Thank You" goes out to each of these gentleman for their approval.

  •    Frank Bradley - Bradley Knives
  •   Gary Randall - Randall Made Knives
  •    Doc Wacholz - Rack Forge
  •   Tony Bose - Bose Knives
  •   Mike Hangas - Ruana Knives
   The door pulls on your Dorris Display are hand crafted from antler. We normally use the crown part of the antler (where the antler attaches to the head). The crowns have a natural shape that spreads out like a flower providing an excellent door pull for your cabinet. We offer the door pulls with game scenes or wildlife for those of you wanting to take your cabinet to the next level.  My wife Laura paints these custom door pulls offered to you as yet one more option for your already one-of-a-kind Dorris Display. Her work is beautiful,... each one is hand painted for your cabinet when you place the order.
   By adding one of these beautiful door pulls, you can personalize your cabinet with the animal of your choice for an overall spectacular look. They really do take your cabinet to the "next level". They are beautiful!
 Currently we have several different scenes available as an option for your custom ordered cabinet. You can view photos of these knobs, with the various scenes, on the "Painted Knobs" page (shown  in a table at the bottom of that page).

   These knobs also look great on drawers and doors for your existing cabinets in kitchens and dens, on entertainment centers, etc. If you would like to purchase one or several in qty., we will be happy to work with you to provide you with just what you are needing.

Custom Scrimshaw Door Pulls
Custom scrimshaw on cabinet door knobs & drawer pulls.
Antler crown door pulls hand made here in the shop,
then scrimshaw hand done by artist/scrimshander Gary Harbour.
*Email with description of scene desired and we will inquire for availability and pricing.


~Keyed Locks Installed
   Keyed locks are nice if you have children in the house, or would like to keep others from touching your collection. The locks we use are bronze in color, and come installed with 2 keys.
$31.50 ea. for keyed locks on Single Door Cabinets
$59.50 on Double Door Cabinets (includes 2 Sliding barrel locks: $28.00, and keyed lock: $31.50)


Click on photos of keyed locks to enlarge



   We have searched diligently for interior lights that will allow you to light up your collection providing that "extra something" to your display. We are pleased to announce that we have both electric, and battery powered lights to offer to you. We use ours in the evening and at night when the room lights are dimmed. You will not believe how incredible your collection can look until you see it in a Dorris Display with the light shining down softly on your knives.

   The electric fixtures are fluorescent, quite bright for a low wattage bulb, and do have a cord exiting the back of the cabinet.
   The battery powered fixture is an LED light and works best in low light situations. The light does not show up well in a brightly lit room during daylight hours, only during the evening or at night with teh room lights off. The LED light has a blue tint or hue to it, and gives off just enough light to show off your collection. These lights are not bright by any means, but low accent lights. The light reflects off the blades, guards, butt caps, etc. and looks positively beautiful in a dimmly lit room. The lights really do take your display to the "next level"... very nice!

   Photo shown at left with the electric light in a 30" x 16" - "9 knife" Single Door model.
Fluorescent Cost: $37.75 ea.
   Battery LED Cost: $16.29 ea.



~Concealed Hinges
   For those of you wishing to not see the hinge pins we have optional concealed hinges. These hinges are installed on the back side of the door, and hidden from view when the door is closed. With a "pull" set on them, there is really no nead for the magnetic latch if no keyed lock is chosen. They are nice quality hinges, better and stronger than the standard bronze style, and can be added for an additional $29.00 per door.
   -Single Door Models: + $29.00
   -Double Door Models: = $58.00
*note: Concealed hinges are NOW INCLUDED on display cabinets at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to you


~Bronze & Nickel Knobs
   For those of you that prefer something other than the look of antler, we offer knife rests made from wood to match your cabinet, and bronze or nickel door pulls.
Other knobs/door pulls may be available upon request. We have many styles available to us through various suppliers.

below: A nickel pull shown as an example.


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