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A collection of knife photos just for fun...
Photos by Dale Dorris
copyright © 2010

















Carving Set Storage-Presentation Box
This box was custom made for a Randall model 6 carving set. Made from solid leopardwood with leopardwood inserts designs to hold each piece in the set. Dark blue felt lines the bottom, is in each "notch" designed to hold the pieces, and on the ends of the inserts to allow them to slide. Making them adjustable allows for custom spacing for each set, since each piece is hand made by the Randall shop, there will be subtle differences between each set ordered. The inserts are removable to allow for easy cleaning of the interior of the box.


below: A chunk of spalted maple with some amazing figure throughout shown with a few RMK's. The wood was re-sawn into boards, planed, and then used to make a display cabinet. Photos of the finished piece shown below too. The photos below show the wood after it was cut, lots of figure and beautiful lines! These "one-of-a-kind" cabinets can be built on special request... some very beautiful wood!!!
Above & below... an older model 2-7" that has been carried and used. The original owner removed the hone pocket, as often seen when the knife was carried. The knife is in great shape with a few light scratches and a couple small carbon spots on the blade. It really has personality, if that even makes sense??  : ) 
The photo below was taken looking through the lid of a canning jar for a different look. Imagination works wonders!  ; )
Above: Photo of a RMK Fireman Special taken by a very good friend of ours. Dan is a career fireman and has the knife resting on the authentic gear he uses at work. It is nice to see pics of any Randalls, but especially nice when we see one being used for it's intended purpose. Great photo Dan! Carry that knife with confidence... it is a forged, hand made RANDALL!  ; ) 

 Thanks for sending the photo, glad to have it here for everyone to enjoy.
~dale & laura

Solid Hickory Display Cabinet

A beautiful piece of hickory with lots of dark colors throughout the entire piece. Most hickory we see is much lighter in color. When I saw the amazing coloring in this wood I knew immediately there was a cabinet stuck inside that was just screaming to get out. ; ) It has our signature hand rubbed and wet sanded Danish oil finish with wax hand rubbed and buffed over top... a magnificent finish with lots of sheen. Your hand just glides over it like it were glass. A few more photos below to show it with and without some Randalls. Enjoy!



Shown below: A beautiful user...


RMK model 7's with Heddon Lure


Old wooden lure and RMK tangstamp


A beautiful model 26 Pathfinder
Nickel silver guard, Sambar stag handle, wrist thong with braided leather cord, ducks scene scrimshaw by Gary Harbour of Vermont... 


A couple model 8's


An older model 21 with fly tying gear


Emily's new RMK mini 3!

Emily, age 3 and the youngest of our 5 children, just recently received her first Randall this Spring. Here she is using it for the first time to clean some lake fish.Wink


A mini model 3 done working

Gorgeous Randall model 11
A beautiful one of a kind knife for sure...
~ fossil ivory, amazing intricate engraving on the nickel silver guard and butt plate by Mr. Ron Skaggs and wolf scrimshaw by Mr. Rick Bowles...with a fox tail in the background.

The scrim work and engraving give this knife a very elegant look, and make it quite the custom "one of a kind" piece. Absolutely Beautiful!
(click photo to enlarge)

3 users working on some fish


A beautiful example of a current model 23


Magnificent model 19
A beautiful model 19 with a 5" blade, dark and perfect looking Sambar stag handle with full finger grips, a nickel silver half guard, wrist thong, and compass.


"Surrounded by buffalo horn"
Below, a Randall model 19 shown with custom supplied buffalo horn. A handle material that is no longer available on knives from the Randall shop. It is beautiful, some having natural white streaks here and there mixed in with the black. A great look and still a natural material... very unique.

"Ivory on Ivory"



Below: A RMK #12-9" Sportsman's Bowie on a walnut display stand.
(click photo to enlarge)


Below: A RMK Combat Companion displayed on a maple burl "live edge" stand.
(click photo to enlarge)


Below: A walnut "painted scene" display cabinet shown with various models of RMK's.
(click photo to enlarge)



Below, an older model 19-5" with the old style squared top hilt. What a great looking older knife!
(click photo to enlarge)

Below: RMK model 15 on a "live edge" stand made from California Buckeye Burl wood. (click photo to enlarge)

Below, a grouping of four model 25's, all in nickel silver. The model 25... what a beautiful knife!
(click photo to enlarge)
Below, a couple model 21's. One slightly older and one current day example. The model 21 is one of the most "usable" knives in the catalog. This is of course based on what I have used knives for with the hunting/outdoor chores we do here. It is a fantastic skinning knife... it's small size makes it great for many tasks and also very easy to carry. One of my favorite carry/user knives hands down. I just love the design and small blade length.
(click photo to enlarge)
Below is a Randall model 18 on a camping trip through the Appalachian Mountains this summer. Beautiful breathtaking scenery the entire way.

This photo was taken in beautiful West Virginia. Camping beside a crystal clear mountain stream that ran beside and behind us. The kids explored both the woods and stream for treasures. I placed the model 18 in the stream wanting the photo to have the knife in focus with the water blurred, running over the top of it... just for a knife photo that was something "different from the norm".  ; )


The kids found a few playmates in the stream. ; )


- Randall model 7 -
A beautiful, artistic knife that is very functional as a user. The model 7 has the blade shape or design of the famous model 3, but in a smaller, more delicate size. Named the "Hunter-Fisherman" knife, it suits many outdoorsman's needs for a useable tool. This one below has a blade forged from 01 Swedish tool steel, a nickel silver guard (or hilt), the famous "Red/White/Blue" spacers that have stood the test of time on Randall knives over the years (and still look great today), a stacked leather handle for a very comfortable feel and solid grip, an alum butt cap that has been "rounded" on the back edge, and a wrist thong. What a spectacular knife with perfect grind lines... The curve of the blade is so elegant!
(click photo to enlarge)


A group photo of model 7's set up in different configurations. From left to right...
~ stag, nickel, with the #6 grind on the blade
~ ivory, nickel, with full side scrimshaw
~ stag, brass & red spacers
~ leather with R/W/B spacers
~ walnut, nickel silver
~ older knife with stag, R/W/B in dull colors
(click photo to enlarge)


Randall model "Nordic Dealer Special" 
This particular knife has been in my collecton for a few years. It made it's photo debut by gracing the cover of our Randall Knife Calendar for 2009, shown on an incredible, highly figured piece of maple burl that I made into a display stand... amazing grain and figure on some of the burl wood we use. Here's a link directly to the page with teh Randall calendars...

A beautiful one of a kind knife for sure... with a stag handle, nickel silver forward curved double hilt, R/W/B spacers, and a nickel silver butt plate. The stag has a very unique shape to it, and combined with the skill of the Randall Made craftsmen, has provided a very comfortable handle with lots of character as well. This knife is only available for ordering through authorized Randall dealer Nordic Knives in Solvang, CA. Dave and Grace Harvey, owners of Nordic Knives, are very nice people to deal with. They are well organized, polite, courteous, and very professional. I recommend them for ordering Randalls, and if you haven't already talked with them or visited their site, here is the web address... Tell them that Dale & Laura sent you.Smile

Their Randall Dealer Special has a 7" blade of stainless steel with a "flat" grind. A very usable knife for someone wanting a slightly larger carry knife... would work nicely as a camp knife, and will cut very well. Once again a very beautiful piece of art that is also a functional tool. A combination that is true of all Randall Made Knives, regardless of the individual model numbers and names.

I have a pair of sheaths for this one too... one tan and one black, from Sullivan's Holster Shop in FL (the makers of the Randall sheaths supplied with each knife). The sheaths are as nice as the knives they hold, each handcrafted from leather with the highest quality. None other says "Randall quality" like a Sullivan's sheath does.
(click photo to enlarge)

A few custom sheaths made by Sullivan's Holster Shop in FL. Sullivan's is the maker of the sheaths supplied with all RANDALL MADE ® knives. Greg Gutcher (owner of Sullivan's) is a very nice man, with talent and skills that are second to none when it comes to working leather. He makes the custom sheaths to order once your name makes it to the top of the wait list. Of course there is a long wait, like with anything Randall related, but well worth it as the quality and craftsmanship are superb... just beautiful! Once your sheaths arrive you will be very glad you asked him to make them to custom fit your knife or knives.
Here are a few shown together... these are made from exotic skins and are from left to right...

~ burgundy croc for a model 8
~ tan ostrich for a model 26
~ dark brown croc for a model 7 with the "horn-back" portion down the front
~ tan beaver tail for a model 11 with "tooling" on the upper portion both front and back
~ gray elephant for a model 26
~ in front, a black gator sheath for a model 7
* an old Brown Button sheath in the background, original to the RMK model 4-6"
(click photo to enlarge)

A not so common pair of model 11's...

Below is a great example of knives no longer available from the Randall Shop. Both are model 11-5's with discontinued "slabbed sided" stag handles. The one on the left has...
~ SS 5" blade     ~ Nickel silver single guard     ~ Square topped guard
~ Aluminum & Blue spacers     ~ Sambar stag handle     ~ Slabbed sided stag
~ Wrist thong     ~ Nickel silver butt plate     ~ black no hone sheath

The knife on the right has...
~ SS 5" blade     ~ Brass single guard     ~ Square topped guard
~ Brass & black spacers     ~ Sambar stag handle     ~ Slabbed sided stag
~ Wrist thong     ~ Brass crow's beak butt cap

A beautiful and unique pair for sure. Of all the Randalls I've seen, I have personally never seen another like either one of these, let alone a pair toegther.
(click photo to enlarge)

Model 10 Salt Fisherman Knives
Below are 3 model 10's, a 5" and two 3", with black micarta handles and stainless steel blades. This model is a very useful design, and comfortbale to hold with the single finger grip handle. The backdrop for the photo is a book along with a couple blueprints for canoe building. We have plans to build a wood strip canoe for use, maybe a few, but we'll see how the first one goes. We will try to get progressive photos of the canoe being built uploaded to a page here on the site so you can see it come together.
Below is a beautiful example of a model 19 no longer available from the Randall Shop. It has 8 options total, 7 of which are "chargeable" against the limit of 5 now offered on all Randall orders.
~ SS blade (5")
~ nickel silver guard
~ alum & black spacers
~ stag handle (amazing gnarly stag at that!)
~ finger grips
~ wrist thong
~ nickel silver butt plate
~ optional black sheath (not counted toward the limit of 5)
(click photo to enlarge)
Below, another incredibly beautiful model 19...
~ SS blade
~ nickel silver guard
~ beautiful gnarly sambar stag handle
~ wrist thong
~compass in butt end of handle

~ custom made sheath by Greg Gutcher, owner of Sullivan's Holster Shop (Sullivan's supplies the sheaths to Randall Made® for their knives).
(click photo to enlarge)
Below, a photo of the same model 19 "at work".
Below, a model 19-5" with optional brass "squared top" guard, brass & black spacers, sambar stag handle, and brass "crow's beak" butt cap. The solid brass butt cap offers a great deal of "heft" to the feel of this knife in your hand. Another beautiful example of the quality of knives coming out of the Randall Shop.
Below, A model 7 Fisherman-Hunter...

SS blade, nickel silver guard, alum & black spacers, beautiful highly figured walnut handle, alum butt cap with exposed nut (no longer made this way on non-leather handles), and a wrist thong.

Overall magnificent knife! A very functional shape/design and yet beautiful to look at too... best of both worlds!

Below, small grouping of model 7 Fisherman-Hunters...
few model 7's in an assortment of handle materials... stag, walnut, and ivory.

Below, a grouping of Denmark Specials. Two current style with 4 1.2" blade lengths (one ivory and one stag), and two no longer available "early" Denmarks with 3 1/2" blade lengths (one ivory and one micarta). This model is what is known as a "non-catalog" model. It is not assigned a catalog or model number, and is shown on the Randall Made® non-catalog insert included with their catalog. The blade on the D.S. model is ground at an angle (similar to the #6 carving knife), as opposed to a horizontal grind found on many knives. This angled grind is a real pleasure to use and cuts very well. If you're looking for a great user knife, I recommend taking a look at the Denmark Special or a model 7 with the #6 grind (basically the same blade design, only more narrow than the D.S.)... both are fantastic!
(click photo to enlarge)
Below, model 10's Salt Fisherman...
A pair of model 10's, one with the 3" blade, and one with the 5" blade length.
Below, and example of the non-catalog, "old style" model 8 Trout & Bird knife. Three shown... one with a SS blade, brass reduced hilt, and stag handle. One with 01 Swedish tool steel blade, nickel silver reduced hilt, R/W/B spacers, stag handle, and wrist thong. One with 01 Swedish tool steel blade, nickel silver reduced hilt, alum. & black spacers, stag handle, and nickel silver butt plate. Simply beautiful, and a great user model as well... cuts very easily, and fits nicely in the hand. What more could you ask for?
Below, an example of the "25 style" handle. This style handle is made up of a "center piece" between leather spacers. The center piece is standard with sambar stag, but some other materials may be substitued in it's place... micarta, ivory, wood, etc. This style handle is only available on four Randall models... the model 25 (of course), the model 26, model 27, and on a model 12-9 w/ the #14 grind. All four of these models are shown in the photo below. What a beautiful handle!
An absolutely stunning model 12-8" Big Bear Bowie!
~ SS 8" blade
~ brass brass forward curved double hilt
~ brass & black spacers
~ sambar stag handle (amazing texture and color)
~ finger grips
~ wrist thong
~ compass in butt end of handle
A magnificent example of the quality of a Randall Made®
I carved a bear head and "Randall Made Knives" into a solid piece of cherry wood to make this display stand for this particular Big Bear knife... they compliment each other very nicely.



Randall model 19's...
A 19-5" and a 19-4 1/2" shown together with a solid walnut display stand that I made with carving a deer scene (hand painted by my wife), and including the Randall Made Knives carved text.




Below, a RMK model 23 Gamemaster...

I received this knife from a friend who ordered it directly from the Randall Shop in the 1970's. He had just returned home from Vietnam and having owned Randalls, he wanted a good hunting knife. He used this knife on deer and elk as well as various hunting chores for approx 35 years before it came to be mine. I have carried this knife on several trips to the woods deer hunting, used it for field dressing whitetail, used it around campfires, carried it on my side when cutting wood, and so on... it is a great knife with a bit of a hefty feel to it since it is made from 1/4" thick stock. This particular model 23 has a blade made from 01 Swedish tool steel, a brass "squared top" guard (old style), thick R/W/B spacers (old style), stacked leather handle, and an alum. butt cap.

note: The model 23 is shaped very much like a catalog model 8, only a bit longer (at 4 1/2"), a bit wider, and a bit thicker. If you would like a fantastic field knife, I recommend looking at the Gamemaster model. I love mine!


  A Randall model 26 Pathfinder  

Shown below with a mess of fish caught while ice fishing... This model 26 has an optional nickel silver guard, R/W/B spacers, sambar stag handle that has been scrimshawed with ducks coming in on the water (by artist Gary Harbour of VT) and an optional wrist thong. With a 4" blade, the #26 is a superb little knife for just about any task at hand. It will serve you well as a field knife for deer, small game, and even fish... yes, EVEN FISH! I have used several different Randall models just to learn how each design cuts, feels, performs, etc., and the model 26 is one of my favorites hands down. The blades are forged from 3/16" steel, narrow as well as thin, and have the angled grind. These features combined make for one of the most "usable" knives you could possibly find in my opinion. I recommmend the model 26 for anyone wanting a nice light weight, all around knife for several hunting/outdoor tasks wrapped into one package. A fantastic design, no doubt about it!


This model 26 has the optional "25 style" handle with a center piece of lightly colored fossil mammoth ivory (approx 10,000-20,000 years old) with leather at each end... a beautiful combination. This one has an optional SS blade, optional nickel silver guard, alum & black spacers, ivory handle, and solid nickel silver butt cap. The ivory on this knife has been scrimshawed by artist "Hutch" of KY with an elephant walking. Magnificently done with lots of detail, the scrim work adds a look of elegance and makes the knife a custom one of a kind since no two are alike.


Randall model 19-5"

A perfect model 19 taken with several inches of lake ice as the backdrop, with an ice fishing depth weight clipped onto the wirst thong.


Randall model 8

The Trout & Bird knife offered by Randall has a 4" blade length with a sharpened top edge. This is where form and function meet their match with looks and beauty. This is an incredible blade design, has an absolutely beautiful overall appearance. The model 15's, 19's, and 23's have a blade shape very similar to the model 8 but are longer, wider, and thicker. This short, thin blade is a very well balanced tool that won't wear your hand out when using. Being a small, light knife, it's also easy to carry... you won't even know it's there.

This one has a blade hand forged from 01 Sewdish tool steel, a nickel silver "squared top" single hilt, aluminum & black spacers, a perfect piece of stag, wrist thong, and nickel silver butt plate.


A Randall model 11-3 1/4" non-catalog knife...
This knife belongs to our oldest son. A Christmas gift a few years ago, we sent the knife to artist Gary Harbour to have a scene scrimmed to depict the scenery here where he went on his first hunt with dad. A cabin, trees, bushes, birds coming in on the water... looks like the island where we hunt.

The RMK model 11-3 1/4" is, as mentioned, a non-catalog knife shown in the insert included with the Randall catalog. It is a small knife, easy to carry, and designed to work very well for skinning. This one gets carried for all hunting seasons as it's the only Randall he owns. This little model will field dress deer, skin with ease when you get it home, and can be carried and used for many hunting/outdoor chores. A great choice indeed for anyone wanting a small user knife. Photo shows the knife with his Remington 20 ga. pump shotgun... another great choice for a tool for a youngster learning to hunt and shoot.


Randall model 25-5" polsihed stag

This model 25 has the "25 style" handle, but is with the optional polished sambar stag in place of the standard look. The textured "bark" or dark, gnarly area on the outside of the stag is removed by sanding/grinding it off making the inner white area of the stag become the surface of the handle. This provides for a very smooth handle to the touch, and also a beautiful look. The polished stag reminds me of ivory very much... elegant look, and incredibly beautiful!

I took this photo in the Fall with some apples as a backdrop.


Randall model 27...

A Randall model 27 with the optional "25 style" handle... beautiful!


Randall model 7 w/ a #6 grind

A Randall model 7 with the optional "#6 grind" on the 4 1/2" blade. This angled grind cuts exceptionally well, and looks beautiful too. This one has the optional stainless steel, nickel silver single hilt, aluminum & black spacers, stag handle, and aluminum butt cap. One of my favorites, no doubt about it.


A small grouping of Randall model 8's resting on a piece of Amboyna burl.
























All images copyright ©2013 Dorris Wood Creations All rights reserved