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Sometimes collections don't fall into specific categories, and you need something special to accommodate a few items. This can be done, and will take a bit of design work, but will allow you to be able to display and enjoy what you have had to keep tucked away all these years. There is no fun in "digging" for something so you can show it to someone, get it out and remember, tell your kids or grandkids the stories behind the different pieces, etc.... it's much nicer to have these things out where you can get enjoyment from the each day.

If you have something unusual that you would like to display, drop us a note and we'll be glad to see what we can do to help.


Custom Storage Box

 This particular piece was custom made as a jewelry box with a sliding, and removable, tray. Hand crafted from solid wood, this box is made from curly maple. The interior bottom is lined with black velvet, as is the tray. The divider in the tray is curved, made from solid curly maple to match, and provides a look that is different from the norm, for a unique look. The lid handle, or small pull, is also hand made from a solid piece of ebony and allows the box to be opened easily. The black ebony also provides a very nice light-dark contrast with the lighter coloring seen in the curly maple, allowing it to stand out and be noticed easily.The box is made from the same chunk of curly maple which provides continuity throughout the whole piece for a pleasing look to the eye. This provides a look of continuous grain flowing around corners and on all sides.

The box is hand sanded through each grit, smoothed with cabinet scrapers and a block plane, and is extremely smooth. Then a danish oil finish is applied and wet sanded on several coats which provides a glass smooth surface to the touch. Then lastly, a few coats of wax is applied and buffed by hand to add protection to the piece.

Although custom sizes are available, this particular box measures approx 11 3/4" wide x 5 1/4" front to back x 3 1/2" tall with the lid closed.

 The price for a custom box like this one... $429.89

Additional photos shown below from various angles, click each to enlarge.









Custom Brooch Display

This display is a perfect example of something that falls into this category. It is completely custom from the very original idea of displaying brooches to begin with, to the design, the built-in funtionality of the piece, and the overal final look that you see when hanging. These brooches are loved by the collector, and she wanted them displayed and framed like "art" hanging on the wall.

Until now these things were normally kept hidden inside of a jewelry box, completely forgotten about. Now they hang on the wall where they are seen daily, enjoyed very much, and look quite beautiful! To allow for easy removal, to be able to wear one on that special occasion, the display was designed to open. If framing in an enclosed box they would still look pretty but would not be accessible without removing the back like you would be required to do with a photo frame... not practical in the least. The entire piece was custom made from solid walnut with a narrow door having a profile cut against the inside edge aorund the glass. This provides a look of elegance, and also helps to make the face of the door or "frame" appear even more narrow and more delicate.
Like a matted print or original painting that would be framed, hung on the wall and enjoyed, these brooches are now a look of art... beautifully displayed in a custom one-of-a-kind piece made especially for you and your collection. Like the fishing lure displays, the back on this piece is black velvet over foam padding which allows for each brooch to be "pinned" in place. This is nice because it allows you to place each item exactly where you want it, and not on a specific pair of rests or shelf. The result also provides for the look of a "floating" brooch with nothing touching it. With just the items inside and the rich looking velvet background, your eye focuses entirely on the pieces displayed and nothing else.

This particular display measures 6 5/8" wide x 16 5/8" tall to give you an idea of the overall size. It can be hung either vertically or horizontally, depending on the look you want and your room.

The individual displays like this will vary in price depending on the size, wood, etc. We will be happy to help you come up with a design that will enhance your collection and not "take away" from it. Contact us with what you have in mind to get started with your one of a kind special request.



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