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Pieces built from select, or special, woods will be featured on this page as we get time to take photos, get re-sized, uploaded, etc. The photos shown here are examples of figured woods. Other woods are available upon request. Check with us to see if we can get a special or exotic wood that you would like to have used for your cabinet. From time to time we get wood with extremely nice grain, or unusual one of a kind patterns, and save it back for a special project. When cutting logs into boards we occasionaly find treasure that may have beautiful spalting, nice burl grain, etc., and have just enough to build only one piece from it. These custom pieces will be shown on this page as examples. If any piece is available for purchase it will be listed on the "Pieces Available Now" page.

If you are thinking of a special, rare, or exotic wood for your custom piece(s) or set of cabinets, please feel free to contact us with your ideas. Many exotic woods are available with some having very limited quantities. We'll check several suppliers to find the best price when purchasing to keep your cost as low as possible.

Thank you for choosing Dorris Wood Creations for your custom displays, it is greatly appreciated.
~dale & laura

below: Photos of hand tools used for inlay and beading work. This work is available but is considerably time consuming. You can inquire to see if it may be available on your custom piece.

Butterfly Inlay

below: Curly Maple Deluxe







Curly Maple Deluxe
This large cabinet holds 11 knives pointing right to display the Ruana name. Set it up "ambidextrous" style to allow for displaying knives pointing left or right. The curly maple is nicely figured with the grain popping after the finish is complete. This one has custom top of the line dovetail joinery, and the deluxe style top rail with custom Ruana Knives logo engraved and went to one of the owners of Ruana Knives in Bonner, Montana. note: This logo needs to be approved on an individual basis if desiring to have it on your cabinet.

- black velvet
-antler knife rests
- antler door pull
- keyed lock
-concealed hinges
-deluxe rail
- custom engraving

price: $1826.23

*(Click on each photo to enlarge it.)

Below: "Curly" Maple


Above, a custom cabinet made from "Curly" Maple. This one holds 5 knives, has black velvet for the background, door is hinged on right, with rests and door pull custom made from antler. It measures 21" tall x 15" wide.
The grain on this maple "pops" right off the surface at you, absolutely beautiful figure!

Please note: I didn't have anything to do with the figure of the wood, that is all God's handiwork. : )

This particular cabinet prices at $879.32

 Below: "Curly" Maple Deluxe







Above, another custom cabinet made from "Curly" Maple. This one holds 8 knives, has the optional "deluxe style" top door rail, dark red velvet for the background, optional keyed lock, door is hinged on right, with rests and door pull custom made from antler. It measures 26" tall x 16" wide.
The grain on this maple also "pops" right off the surface at you, amazing figure in the speical curly maple!

Please note: I didn't have anything to do with the figure of the wood, that is all God's handiwork. : )

This particular cabinet prices at $1171.62









Special Highly Figured Maple - Dovetail Joints
This cabinet was custom made from a wood that is a rare find. A highly figured maple with absolutely amazing grain. This log came through and was incredibly beautiful! A grain pattern that had not been seen is a couple of generations of running the large lumber company we use for a supplier. We bought the entire log that was cut into boards, but has quickly been snatched up. This wood is not readily available, never had it come through before, and we only have very little of it (just the one log that was sawn) so this particular grain pattern is not stocked or available for order. This cabinet is just shown here as an example of what you can do with special or "select" woods... something that is not your run-of-the-mill grain pattern.

- 30" x 16" outside dimensions
- 9 knife capacity
- custom spaced dovetails
- custom monogram engraving on the deluxe style top rail
- black velvet
- wood knife rests, ambidextrous style so knives point left or right as desired on each pair
- keyed lock
- no door pull for a "framed-art" look when displayed
- concealed hinges
- a hand rubbed oil finish wet sanded between each coat
- surface is waxed and buffed to a nice sheen for added luster and protection

price: $1806.28


#2 Special Highly Figured Maple - Dovetail Joints
This custom cabinet is the mate to the one shown above. Both going the same person for a "matched set". Several photos shown below, taken from different angles and showing the custom dovetails. It measures 30" tall x 16", holds 9 knives pointing left or right as desired on each pair of rests.













Below: Amazing Cherry










above: Cherry with incredible grain and lots of figure! 24" x 16"

This particular cabinet displays 8 knives but can be customized to hold more or less to suit your needs. The wood, being naturaal, will obviously vary from piece to piece. This nicely figured cherry is one example of "select wood" cherry. It takes more time to build using highly figured wood than standard plain-sawn wood since the grain is highly susceptible to "tear-out". Most highly figured wood will tear out when run through a thickness planer. Generally the planing would be done down close to the thickness needed, not all the way... just to remove most of the material, getting the boards close to the thickness desired. Then the final planing would be done with a hand plane and scraper. More time and labor is invested this way but is necessary to produce a smooth finish.

There is some really beautiful coloring in this cherry. Photos from different angles showing the grain on the front, sides, and top. Click each pic to enlarge. The velvet background is dark red on this example, background color is your choice. Knife rests are made from solid cherry to match the cabinet. The rests are spaced at 2 1/2" (verticle measurement) and will hold knives with single hilts nicely. If displaying knives with double hilts, I would recommend inscreases the space between the rests, making the cabinet taller.

The door pull is satin nickel (your choice-bronze, antler, nickel), and door opens from the right side on this example, hinged on the left, also your choice. Knives point left inside of this one (can be set up to point left or right as desired/needed), so if displaying Randalls you can see the tangstamps on the blades. The hinges are concealed to keep them out of sight on the outside of the cabinet when the door is closed.

Each cabinet is hand made to order going down the list one name at a time. The finish is danish oil, multiple coats hand rubbed into the wood, each coat wet sanded so it's glass smooth to the touch. After the oil is dry, a few coats of wax is then hand rubbed onto the cabinet and buffed to add an extra layer of protection from mositure.

note: Other woods available as well. Let us know what you are wanting your cabinets made from and we will check availability through several suppliers.

Highly figured "Select Wood" Cherry 24" x 16" Cabinet
Reg Price: $569.99

Below: Carving Set Presentation/Storage Box



Carving Set Presentation/Storage Box

 A custom Storage-Presentation box for the Randall 3 pc carving set. This one is made out of solid leopard wood. The inserts, or "holders", are also made from leopard wood with felt on each end to allow them to fit snugly and still be removable or adjustable (to move closer together/further apart to fit different sets as needed). The bottom is lined with navy blue felt instead of velvet, and the inserst are lined with the same felt where the carving set rests.

This piece has all hidden joinery with no brad holes on the outside surface. This one is completely smooth with no interuptions whatsoever on the surface, inside or out, just clean straight lines. The idea I was striving for on this one was not too fancy, but "simple lines". The carving set to go inside this box was for a gift, and it being the main focus, I wanted the box to be beautiful wood but nothing more than just a box... not something that draws your attention from the carving set itself. The finish is glass smooth, with the wood having very nice figure to add natural beauty that I had nothing to do with myself. Then the straight lines and flat sides accomplish my goal of function and beauty meeting midway, I think anyway, and will simply house a soon to be family heirloom passed down to their children years from now.

Price for standard stocked woods (walnut, oak, cherry, maple, mahognay):

*note: Price for exotic Leopardwood as shown: $3276.82

below: Curly Maple Burl Jewelry/Storage Box









Custom Storage Box

 This particular piece was custom made as a jewelry box with a sliding, and removable, tray. Hand crafted from solid wood, this box is made from curly maple. The interior bottom is lined with black velvet, as is the tray. The divider in the tray is curved, made from solid curly maple to match, and provides a look that is different from the norm, for a unique look. The lid handle, or small pull, is custom made from solid buffalo horn and allows the box to be opened easily. The black ebony also provides a very nice light-dark contrast with the lighter coloring seen in the curly maple, allowing it to stand out and be noticed easily.The box is made from the same chunk of curly maple which provides continuity throughout the whole piece for a pleasing look to the eye. This provides a look of continuous grain flowing around corners and on all sides.

The box is hand sanded through each grit, smoothed with cabinet scrapers and a block plane, and is extremely smooth. Then a danish oil finish is applied and wet sanded on several coats which provides a glass smooth surface to the touch. Then lastly, a few coats of wax is applied and buffed by hand to add protection to the piece.

Custom sizes are available, this particular box measures approx 11 3/4" wide x 5 1/4" front to back x 3 1/2" tall with the lid closed.

 The price for a jewelry custom box this size... $429.89 in a standard wood stocked (walnut, cherry, maple, mahogany, oak)
Price for curly maple with custom made buffalo horn handle: $638.79

Several photos from various angles, click each to enlarge.


Spalted Maple
This cabinet made from some highly figured Spalted maple. The spalting is actually a disease the tree gets that can kill it, but when cut into board form it provides some incredibly beautiful designs. We don't get a lot of spalted maple, but can check availability for you. With a little searching, and some patience, we can usually find some that will work nicely to build you a custom piece.

This particular cabinet measures 32" tall x 19 1/2" wide, but of course can be custom sized to fit your collection and needs.
This one prices at $989.63


All images copyright ©2013 Dorris Wood Creations All rights reserved