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Butterfly Inlay

 Dovetail Joints
Another option available on your custom cabinet is to add dovetailed joints. Dovetails are an "old school" way of making joints, or joining pieces together. This style joint is noted for its resistance to being pulled apart, it's tensile strength. A series of pins cut to extend from the end of one board interlock with a series of tails cut into the end of another board. Once glued, a wooden dovetail joint requires no mechanical fasteners like nails or screws, and is an incredibly strong design. Cutting dovetails requires a high degree of accuracy to ensure a snug fit and can be difficult to master. The pins and tails must fit together so that the joint interlocks tightly with no movement.

The dovetail joint probably pre-dates written history. Some of the earliest known examples of the dovetail joint are in furniture entombed with mummies dating from the First Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, as well as the tombs of Chinese emporers. 
Because of the precision and accuracy needed for both pieces to line up correctly, and to "look right" on the finished piece, making dovetails is a time consuming process. It is one of the more difficult joints for a woodworker/cabinetmaker to make correctly.

Aside from it being difficult to master and having great strength, the dovetail joint is quite beautiful and adds a different look to the overall piece. A look that instantly shows you are looking at old fashioned hand-made quality.


 photo left: "Dovetailed keys" also available for those of you preferring this look. Contrasting colors can be created by using different colors/types of wood for the keys. Available on your custom cabinets or storage/presentation boxes. It is quite beautiful and really stands out when using light & dark woods together.
(click photo to enlarge)







Curly Maple Deluxe
This large cabinet holds 11 knives pointing right to display the Ruana name. Set it up "ambidextrous" style to allow for displaying knives pointing left or right. The curly maple is nicely figured with the grain popping after the finish is complete. This one has custom top of the line dovetail joinery, and the deluxe style top rail with custom Ruana Knives logo engraved and went to one of the owners of Ruana Knives in Bonner, Montana. note: This logo needs to be approved on an individual basis if desiring to have it on your cabinet.

- black velvet
-antler knife rests
- antler door pull
- keyed lock
-concealed hinges
-deluxe rail
- custom engraving

price: $1826.23

 Highly Figured Maple









Special Highly Figured Maple - Dovetail Joints
This cabinet was custom made from a wood that is a rare find. A highly figured maple with absolutely amazing grain. This log came through and was incredibly beautiful! A grain pattern that had not been seen is a couple of generations of running the large lumber company we use for a supplier. We bought the entire log that was cut into boards, but has quickly been snatched up. This wood is not readily available, never had it come through before, and we only have very little of it (just the one log that was sawn) so this particular grain pattern is not stocked or available for order. This cabinet is just shown here as an example of what you can do with special or "select" woods... something that is not your run-of-the-mill grain pattern.

- 30" x 16" outside dimensions
- 9 knife capacity
- custom spaced dovetails
- custom monogram engraving on the deluxe style top rail
- black velvet
- wood knife rests, ambidextrous style so knives point left or right as desired on each pair
- keyed lock
- no door pull for a "framed-art" look when displayed
- concealed hinges
- a hand rubbed oil finish wet sanded between each coat
- surface is waxed and buffed to a nice sheen for added luster and protection

price: $1806.28

Below: A second cabinet custom built to match the one shown above. This pair was custom ordered to be completed/delivered months apart, but to be set up the same, as a "matched set".
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Figured Cherry - dovetailed

This cabinet was custom made from some nicely figured cherry to display 9 knives pointing left. The dovetails were arranged and placed for a custom look.

- 30" tall x 16" wide outside dimensions
- custom dovetail joints
- 9 knives pointing left
- black velvet
- antler knife rests
- antler door pull
- keyed lock

price: $ 1447.69


A close up of the completed dovetails on each corner of the cabinet

A custom dovetailed cabinet built from solid walnut.
This cabinet was custom designed to house large bowie knives of the Smithsonian size having lugged double hilts. This large cabinet's outside dimensions are 44" tall x 22" wide, providing ample room for the bowies to be displayed without the look of them crowded together.

This cabinet has the following specs added...
~ A third door hing located along the center of the door to provide additional strength in design. Two hinges would likely hold just fine, but to ensure a strong hold over time as the door is opened to access your knives, a third support was added for good measure.
~ Dark red velvet background which provides a very "rich look"... "rich" meaning that if it were something you could eat, it would harden your arteries  ; )  ... and compliments the darker coloring of the walnut very nicely. Other colors are available, and really just depends on your personal preference and the handle material (and color) on your knives. Black micarta, for example, doesn't show up well when displayed against a black velvet background. However stag looks great against the black color.

~ Keyed lock
~ Interior electric fluorescent light
~ Knife rests made from solid walnut to match the cabinet
~ Custom Randall engraving
~ Deluxe style (curved top) door rail
~ Crown stag door pull buffed to a nice sheen
~ Authentic Randall Made Knives logo snap installed in door pull to complete the Randall Made Knives theme on this custom piece.
~ And of course the custom dovetailed joinery cut into the solid walnut which takes this custom cabinet to the "next level".

The authentic Randall Made Knives snap is the exact same snap used on the sheaths that come with your Randall knives. These snaps were provided to us by Gary Randall, owner of Randall Made Knives in Orlando, FL to add that "special touch", and complete the theme, of your custom Randall Display. A heartfelt thank you goes out to Mr. Randall for his continued support and generosity.

Large Dovetailed 5 Knife Bowie Cabinet
Price as shown: $1874.72
(plus options added , ex. keyed lock, interior light, etc.)


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