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Cabinet shown in Oak with custom monogram engraving

RMK model 21 shown with pair of antique block planes still used often in the shop

   Our Single Door Display Cabinets are hand crafted with the same quailty as any of our Knife Displays. As with any Dorris Display, you get the danish oil finish which is wet sanded between each of the hand rubbed coats. A few coats of a wax finish is then applied by hand after the danish oil has dried. The wax is then buffed by hand to a nice sheen. This finish protects your display and also provides a look of elegance at the same time. This process is obviously more time consuming than a spray on "production" type finish, but we prefer to stay with the old fashioned hand rubbed procedure because it produces a "glass smooth" surface with all the magnificence you expect to find on a hand made piece. Shown below are varoius designs available for Single Door Models. Each style can be customized to suit your collection and  your specific needs.
     All Display Cabinets come with double strength glass in the doors for a thicker, more stable panel. Your choice of wood... Cherry, Oak, Maple, Mahogany, or Walnut. Contact us if you would like a wood type not mentioned, we will check on the availabilty for you.
   Standard Single Door Models are available in 4 knife models, increasing one knife at time, all the way up to a 16 knife model (depending on the size of your knives, the length of double guards or hilts, etc.).
     Standard models (our designs) are shown below. If you have a design or style in mind that is not shown below, feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to discuss a custom designed display to suit your needs.

For cabinets and various pieces built from "select" woods click here.

-Scroll down to view all the styles available in the Single Door Models category-
(info. & prices listed with each model)
    Door pulls available on the right or left side, your choice, depending on the location you have to hang your display. Keyed locks available as well as hand painted wildlife scenes on the door pulls, interior lighting, knife rests made from antler or wood, and your choice of velvet color. Click on "Options Available" in the navigation bar to learn more.

"Matched Set" - Two single door model cabinets built exactly opposite, the same size, to be hung together with a small space between the pair. Seeing the wall with the spacing in between the two cabinets really adds to the overall look and presentation of your collection... a great look, BEAUTIFUL!

This particular matched set is made from solid walnut, each measuring 28" x 18", with dark red velvet backs, optional Randall engraving, optional keyed locks, optional solid walnut knife rests, optional electric fluorescent interior lighting.



Below: "Ambidextrous" style knife rests for a little more versatility. Knives can point either left or right as you desire to show scrimshaw, etc. on a particular knife. Shown below on a cabinet made from solid mahogany.



below: Extra Large 9 knife Bowie Cabinet 44 1/2" x 23"

price: $1163.49


Click one of the painted knobs below to see all that are available.


Buck - Side view


Canada Goose

directly below: Photo examples of options available.
Deluxe style shown in oak with RMK engraving, and walnut deluxe with no engraving, painted moose antler crown knob.


 Our Deluxe Model Single Door

Shown with custom engraved door rails. This process is time consuming, done with the utmost precision, and the results are absolutely astounding! Custom engraving is also available for those of you wanting your name, initials, maker's name, etc. in place of the RMK design. Logos can be engraved as well, providing we have permission to use them. The "deluxe style" top rail can also be left plain, which also looks very nice with the wood's grain flowing across the face of the piece. A photo directly above is an example of this... the deluxe cabinet in walnut with no engraving, just beautiful grain on the larger surface area. 

Deluxe Single Door Cabinets
  • 5 Knife, 21 1/2" x 14" $564.99
  • 6 Knife, 24" x 16" $594.99
  • 7 Knife, 26" x 16" $614.99
  • 8 Knife, 28" x 16" $634.99
  • 8 Knife, 28" x 18" $654.99
  • 9 Knife, 30" x 16" $664.99
  • 9 Knife, 30" x 18" $694.99
  • Extra Large 9 knife Bowie Cabinet 44 1/2" x 23" $1163.49

    *Custom sizes available as well to suit your collection

  • Shown at left in Mahogany. A 30" x 16", 9 knife model, dark red velvet, wood rests in place of antler to match the cabinet. This model is an "ambidextrous" cabinet set up to display the knives pointing left or right on each pair of rests. This option allows you to "mix them up" for a different look every day. Optional ambidextrous feature available on all sizes for an additional $10.
  • ~ Available in your choice of wood and velvet color.
  • ~ Custom sizes are available as well as standard sizes listed
  • ~ Door pulls available on either side to open in the direction you need.
  • ~ Concealed hinges available as an option for an additional $10

Hand painted wildlife/game scenes available on antler door knobs, and avail. on deluxe style (curved top) door rails. Look at all the many wildlife scenes available on our "Painted Knobs" page. They are detailed, beautiful, and are a great way to customize your Dorris Display. Hand painted here by Laura. If you would like an animal not shown on the page mentioned above, just email you rrequests to us and Laura will see if she can do it for you. Painted scene cabinets shown here: Painted Scene Cabinets

At left: Extra Large 9 Knife Bowie Cabinet

At 44 1/2" tall x 23" wide it will display your Bowie knives nicely

Shown in walnut with dark red velvet 

Shown with optional keyed lock and optional electric interior lighting.
price: $1163.49
price with dovetailed joints: $1742.39


3 Knife "No Door" Model with shelf 

  • 21" x 12"
  • Shown in Ash
  • Shown with Navy velvet
  • price: $339.99


4 Knife "No Door" Model

  • 21" x 12"
  • Shown in Oak
  • Shown with Navy velvet
  • price: $289.99


4 Knife Single Door Model

  • Shown in Cherry
  • 21 1/2" x 14"
  • Shown with Navy velvet
  • $359.99


5 Knife Single Door Model

  • Shown in Mahogany
  • 21 1/2" x 16"  (for longer knives)
  • Shown with Black velvet
  • Shown w/ optional engraved door rail 
  • $379.99


5 knife Single Door Model

  • Shown in Cherry
  • 24" x 16"
  • Shown with Dark Red velvet
  • shown w/ optional keyed lock
  • $389.99
Below: Same size, shown in mahogany with dark red velvet


6 Knife Single Door Model

  • Shown in Walnut
  • 24" x 16"
  • Shown with Black velvet
  • $399.99



7 Knife Single Door Model 26" x 18" for longer knives

  • Shown in Oak with black velvet (top photo) 26" x 18"  $459.99
  • Shown in Walnut with Black velvet (lower left photo) 26" x 18"  $459.99
  • Shown in Walnut with Black velvet (lower right photo) 26" x 19" Extra Wide for even longer knives  $469.99
  • Shown in Cherry with Dark Red velvet (lower center photo) "Extra Tall"  32" x 18"  $489.99


7 Knife Single Door Model

  • Shown in Oak
  • Matching Oak Back in place of velvet
  • 26" x 18"
  • $499.99








7 Knife Deluxe Style Top Rail

Shown in walnut (other woods available)
Burgundy velvet shown (other colors available)
Optional deluxe rail with no engraving
Optional ambidextrous knife rests
Painted antler crown knob (moose)
Concealed hinges
Chamfered edge on cabinet
$634.99 (+ options selected)


8 Knife Single Door Model

(Shown with optional keyed lock and painted door pull)

  • Shown in Oak
  • Shown with Dark Red velvet
  •  28" x  16"
  • $479.99


  • 9 Knife Shown in Cherry (above)
  • Shown with Black velvet
  • 30" x 16"
  • $499.99
  • walnut_9knife_bord_copytext_Med.jpg

    9 Knife Single Door Model

    • Shown in Walnut (above)Shown with dark red velvet
    • 35" x 19" for longer knives
    • (#12-8" Big Bear shown on bottom pair of rest)
    • $549.99
    Shown above in Hickory for another example
    Any size available, prices vary by size
    *this cabinet shown with optional wood knife rests and optional bronze door pull


     11 Knife Single Door Model
  • Shown in Oak
  • Shown with Red velvet
  • 28" tall x 25" wide
  • $743.99
  • customized for the Randall Smithsonian Bowie on the bottom pair of knife rests.
  • WalnutSDpair12knife34x16.jpg

  • 10 Knife Single Door Model
  • 2 cabinets (a "matched Set") shown
  • Shown in Walnut
  • Shown with Burgundy velvet
  • Knife rests made from walnut to match the cabinets (in place of antler)
  • optional bronze door pull (in place of antler)
  • 32" x 16"
  • $549.99 each
  • cherry_10_knife_Pointing_both_Directions_text_med.jpg

  • 10 Knife Single Door Model
  • "Ambidextrous" style, knives can point left or right as desired
  • Shown in Cherry
  • Shown with Navy velvet
  • Shown with antler crown door pull
  • 32" x 18"
  • $569.99 each
  • "Ambidextrous" style cabinet shown with knives pointing left, right, and alternating directions.
    Click photos to enlarge

    "Ambidextrous" style cabinet shown below and at left
    shown in size: 30" x 18" with bronze knob, keyed lock & oak knife rests to match.
    9 knife capacity... $539.99 + optional keyed lock

    "Ambidextrous" style cabinet shown with knives pointing left, right, and alternating directions.
    Click photos to enlarge

    "Ambidextrous" style cabinet shown at left
    shown in walnut, dark red velvet, size: 30" x 18" with optional keyed lock & walnut knife rests to match.
    Greater space vertically between the knives to accommodate for double hilts
    6 knife capacity... $489.99 + optional keyed lock


    3 pc. matched set with Deluxe Rails


       12 Knife Deluxe Single Door Model
    • Example shown in Walnut
    • Shown with Dark Red velvet
    • Shown in 3 pc set with 2 Deluxe Engraved Rails & 1 Deluxe Painted Scene Rail
    • 28" tall x 25" wide (custom sizes available)

    Engraved rail cabinet: $978.99 each (+ options added)

    Painted scene cabinet: $1183.99 (+ options added)
    Painted scenes on top and bottom door rails $1288.99

    Note: These cabinets have plenty of room inside (if displaying knives with single guards or hilts), by installing the antler rests a little closer together vertically, this 28" x 25" size could easily become a 14 knife cabinet is desired.

    The price for a cabinet this size holding 14 knives: + $20 more than above


     12 Knife Single Door Model
    • Shown in Mahogany
    • Shown with Dark Red velvet
    • 28" tall x 25" wide
    • $938.99

    Note: These cabinets have plenty of room inside (if displaying knives with single guards or hilts), by installing the antler rests a little closer together, this 28" x 25" size could easily become a 14 knife cabinet.

    The price for a cabinet this size holding 14 knives, add $ 20 more to above prices

    Shown with the following options:
    •  ~ Top rail with custom engraving
    • ~ Hand painted Buck door pull
    • ~ 2 Interior battery powered LED lights (1 light per row of knives)

    A "matched set" is a pair of cabinets the same size and style with door pulls/hinges on the opposite sides. Cabinets with the door pulls on the inside next to each other, or outside away from each other both looks nice and is just personal preference. Hung so spaced slightly apart allowing a few inches of the wall to be seen between them creates a very nice look.

    Browse all the many wildlife scenes available on our "Painted Knobs" page. They are painted by hand, very detailed, quite beautiful, and are a great way to customize your Dorris Display to your liking.


    Buck - head on pose


    Turkey - full strut


    Wood Duck

    Wood Knife rests in place of antler


    8 Knife Single Door Model 

    Same 28" x 16" size as shown above but shown in Mahogany. This cabinet has the following options added... 
     Battery LED light
     Dark Red velvet
    Keyed lock
    Bronze door pull (in place of antler)
    Knife rests made form wood (in place of the antler)
    $479.99 + options desired

    Samples of "Matched Sets" and Custom Designs
    (More photos. added as we get time)


    Walnut "Matched Set" with keyed locks and door pulls on opposite sides. Custom ordered, one holds 6 knives and the other 7 with red velvet background.


    Oak "Matched Set" with door pulls on opposite sides. They each hold 7 knives with black velvet background.



    Cherry 6 knife with custom fossilized walrus bone (oosik) handle buffed to a high sheen.


    Cabin Decor
    Figured Pine 6 knife, no door pull for a "framed" look on this one. Deer skin leather back in place of the velvet.


    All images copyright ©2013 Dorris Wood Creations All rights reserved