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For A Different Look
The Horizontal Displays will fit where space is a little tighter, where there is not enough height availble on the wall for a vertical cabinet.

These cabinets are built in the same fashion as any Dorris Display. Each is hand made one at a time as your order makes it way to the top of the build schedule. Once your order is on the bench, each operation of building is done completely by hand, no mass produced pieces like a factory built display. This procedure takes time, hence the backlog, but the result is worth the wait. Display your collection in a custom cabinet built to suit your needs, and your knives, so you can have them displayed on the wall as art. Each knife is handcrafted one at a time and is a beautiful form of art, so it only stands to reason that your display cabinet should also be an art form.
The procedure...
Your cabinet is designed, the wood sorted and planed, and the pieces laid out on the boards to get the nicest figure on each part, not to get the highest yield from the lumber. More waste is created this way but it provides a much nicer looking cabinet. Grain is an important part of custom designing, and using the nicest grain is a way to make the display really compliment your collection. Each part is then sanded through each grit of sand paper, up to extremely fine 800-1000, then wet-sanded through each of the coats of oil to produce an incredibly smooth surface... smooth as glass. This process is time consuming, allowing time for each coat to dry before applying the next. Once the oil finish is completely dry, a few coats of wax is then applied, hand rubbed into the wood, then buffed by hand as well. Doing all this by hand allows us to see each part of the cabinet ensuring no areas are missed and the finish on the entire piece is consistent. This procedure is hard on the arms... it requires a lot of rubbing, but is what you would expect on a custom hand made piece... an old fashioned hand rubbed finish. The knife rests are hand made from antler, or wood to match your cabinet, and each is cut, shaped, and sanded, one at a time. Antler is buffed to add a look of elagance to the overall piece. Hand planes are used to create a chamfer on the cabinet edge if desired. Keyed locks are installed entirely by hand, cutting a mortise or channel into the cabinet. Then the metal lock bar is cut to the needed length, edges ground so are rounded over and not sharp. The lock is then tested and adjustments made so that it locks tightly with no "rattle"... I personally cannot stand sloppy quality with locks where the door rattles. Knives are usually found on benches in the shop. They are used to make adjustments to the rests to ensure they are lined up and will display your knives properly. Finally once the custom piece is completed, photos are taken to email so you can see your custom cabinet before it ships.

Horizontal Displays
- front of cabinet is a door that opens so you can access your knives whenever you'd like
- hand built from solid wood
- your choice of velvet or felt color
- concealed cabinet hinges, not visable on the outside for a cleaner look
- door pulls... the sky's the limit! Antler, wood, nickel, brass, bronze (many custom knobs are available in a variety of shapes)
- optional no door pull for a clean "framed look" like framed art
- optional keyed locks
- custom staining available if desired
- custom drilled mounting holes on the inside top and bottom
(so the display is right up against wall with no gap. Located at 16" apart, on center, so the holes line up with wall studs)

Contact us with questions/info regarding the size and number of knives you need your cabinet to display

Walnut Horizontal 6 knife Display


Horizontal 6 knife Display
(other woods and sizes available)
This cabinet was custom ordered and designed to hold 6 custom made knives. It is made from solid walnut, has knife rests made from solid walnut to match. The knife rests are what we call "ambidextrous rests" and are designed to hold a knife pointing either left or right as desired on each pair. You can display some knives pointing in one direction with some pointing the opposite, for example if you have some with scrimshaw or tangstamps on both sides. You can also display all pointing in one direction for a while and change them later down the road for an entirely different look.

This one has a chamfer placed on the edge of the cabinet under the door. This chamfered edge is hand cut by several passes with a block plane, and creates a little "finger room" to get behind the door for easy lifting. The really nice thing about this chamfer is that it is both functional in aiding with opening the door, and also adds an aesthetic appeal to the overall piece. The light reflects differently off the surface of the cabinet and door than it does off the chanfered edge. This creates a shadow line and is quite beautiful, adding that little something extra. The additional time invested in the hand planing step is definitely worth the effort. A close up photo below shows the chamfered edge.

- 35" wide x 16" tall
- solid walnut
- chamfered edge on cabinet (for easy lifting)
- concealed hinges
- black velvet background
- optional walnut knife rests (ambidextrous style)
- 6 knife capacity, (custom sizes and spacing available)
- optional keyed lock
- no door pull for a "framed" look
- custom drilled mounting holes on the inside top and bottom (Located at 16" apart, on center, so the holes line up with wall studs)

price: $578.82











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