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   Standard Double Door cabinets are available in various sizes, including complete custom designs to display your collection. They typically start at the 8 knife capacity (4 knives on each side), increasing two knives at time (evenly with one knife on each side), all the way up to a 32 knife model (depending on the size of your knives, the length of double guards or hilts, etc.). They can be custom designed to hold any number of knives you wish, but the 28-32 knife cabinet is as large as we can go with still keeping the shipping costs at a "reasonable" rate. If you don't mind paying the shipping for extra large pieces, there is really no end to what we could build for you...the sky's the limit! Entire wall units can be designed to fit within your space from the floor to the ceiling... knives displayed on top all the way across the wall with doors added to the lower portion of the cabinet for sheath/boxes/paperwork storage. We'll build your cabinet the way you need it for your collection, and help you design it so it will fit the knives you have now and the ones you have on order yet too.
   Typically on the standard Double Doors the knives point toward the center. You may choose to have them all point left so the maker's mark is visible. Just specify your preference when ordering.
   Keyed locks are available on the Double Door models as well. They also come with two high quality sliding barrel locks on the inside of the right door, one at the top and one at the bottom to lock it in place. They keyed lock is then installed in the left door and comes complete with 2 keys providing you with an extra. The right door closes first, locking at the top and bottom as mentioned. The left door then closes and locks against the right with the key for a very tight, secure fit. The locks are not meant to stop a burglar by any means, but are nice if you have small children around the cabinet or just to prevent others from opening the doors and touching your collection.

Tip: When ordering a custom built display cabinet, it's a good idea to remember to add enough room inside to display a few extra knives you have on order or are thinking of buying. You could always order a second cabinet later, and we'll be glad to build it for you, but this way you'll have a place to display the knives as soon as they arrive, and it will save you some money over buying an additional cabinet later.

Standard 8 or 10 Knife Double Door Models-Shown Below

     This model shown in Ash, Cherry, Maple, and Walnut to show the variations in the different wood types. This standard size Double Door model measures 21 1/2" tall x 27" wide (outside). The "viewable" area, looking straight through the glass, is approx. 17 1/2" tall x 9 1/2" wide. Longer knives will fit on the rests, but when the door is closed the tips of the blades or butts of the handles will be hidden by the door frames if longer than 9 1/2" overall.

 21 1/2" tall x 27" wide

Price: Standard 8 knife model: $689.99 
Price: Standard 10 knife model: $709.99

note: This standard size Double Door model is available with the curved top or "Deluxe" door rails (the same as on the single door models). The cost for a Double Door model in this configuration...

Deluxe 8 knife model: $788.99
Deluxe 10 knife model: $808.99

Ash shown w/ black velvet


Walnut shown w/ bright red velvet


Cherry shown w/ navy velvet


Maple shown w/ black velvet


Extra Wide Double Door Model (for longer knives) Shown Below
  • Shown in Maple w/ Randall engraved door rails
  • 21 1/2" tall x 36" wide (for longer knives) having a viewable width, looking straight through the glass, of approx. 17 1/2" tall x 14" wide for each door. This wider cabinet will accommodate longer knives to be displayed without cutting them off from sight when the doors are closed.

 21 1/2" tall x 36" wide

straight door rails, 8 knife model: $789.99
straight door rails, 10 knife model: $809.99

note: This large Double Door model is available with the curved to or "Deluxe" top rails on the doors, engraved, as shown on the single door models. The cost for a Double Door model this size in that configuration would be: 

Deluxe door rails, 8 knife model: $899.99 
Deluxe door rails, 10 knife model: $919.99

36" wide x 21 1/2" tall
with engraved door rails: $829.99


Shown with optional Randall engraving on "straight" door rails.



Oak shown w/ red velvet
(note: this one shown is 37" wide x 24" tall)
larger model: $869.99

*shown with optional painted door pulls


This double door cabinet has custom hand painted door pulls made from antler.
A buck "head on" pose, and a mallard "coming in" pose.
(Click photos to enlarge)



Extra Large Double Door Model (for large collections) Shown Below

top left & right: 34" tall x 32" wide,
28 knife model: $1189.99

bottom left: 34" tall x 32" wide,
30 knife model: $1219.99

bottom right: 36" tall x 32" wide,
32 knife model: $1349.99

The "viewable area" looking through the glass is approx. 12" wide for each door.

note: In order for this size cabinet (36" x 32") to hold 32 knives, they will need to be narrow knives with single or reduced guards/hilts as they will be spaced only 2" apart vertically. Double hilts will overlap and touch the knives above and below when placed on the rests. If displaying knives with double hilts the rests will need to be spaced further apart so this size cabinet will not hold 32 knives... the cabinet will need to be larger or customized to hold your collection with fewer double hilt knives displayed.


note: Careful planning/designing is needed to prevent the knives from looking "crowded" together. Knives with double hilts would look much nicer in a larger cabinet so they are spaced further apart, or two smaller cabinets to gain the space needed to display them.

Shown with antler knife rests and door pulls

Large 28 Knife shown in Cherry w/ Black velvet
Large 28 Knife shown in Cherry w/ Black velvet
$729.99 (keyed lock)

Shown with wood knife rests and bronze door pulls

Large 28 Knife shown in Cherry w/ Dark Red velvet
Large 28 Knife shown in Cherry w/ Dark Red velvet
$729.99 (keyed lock)

Shown with wood knife rests and bronze door pulls

Large 30 Knife shown in Walnut w/ Black velvet
Large 30 Knife shown in Walnut w/ Black velvet
$749.99 (keyed lock)

Shown with antler knife rests and door pulls

Large 32 Knife shown in Walnut w/ Black velvet
Large 32 Knife shown in Walnut w/ Black velvet
$789.99 (keyed lock)

D). Deluxe Style Double Door Models (shown below)

These cabinets are made in the same fashion as the ones shown above, but with the "deluxe" style top rails on the doors. This curved top rail provides a much larger area to be custom engraved, making it easier to read from a distance. The overall look is very elegant and quite beautiful. You are sure to agree once you see them in person and get your knives set up inside.

Keyed locks  and interior lighting available, just add those options when placing your order.

Deluxe Double Door Cabinet pricing + any options you would like to add such as painted door pulls, keyed locks, interior lighting, etc.
28 knife model: $1519.99
30 knife model: $1539.99
32 knife model: $1559.99


Click on photos below to enlarge



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